Board of Public Works sends street plan to Beatrice City Council

BEATRICE—Proposed short and long-range plans for street work in Beatrice have been forwarded to the Beatrice Mayor and City Council.
The Beatrice Board of Public Works reviewed the plans Wednesday, which include over $740,000 of proposed work in the coming budget year. The second year of the biennial budget proposes work of over $500,000.

City officials are using a process that rates condition of streets by traveling them and taking several photos. On-site inspection by the Street Superintendent and City Engineer provides another look. Visual inspections are done of each street, at least once every three years.  Street Superintendent Jason Moore says sometimes, the on-site inspection can override the numerical rating system.

This coming year, one project is at Fourth and Grant north and Lincoln Street from Fourth to Fifth. City Engineer James Burroughs says the thought is to convert to a different surface.

"Since that corner gets so much turning movement, so much traffic, they're constantly redoing that about every four or five years. So, instead of doing asphalt and knowing that we'll replace it every four or five years, we've decided that's a project we want to tackle and turn it over to concrete, just due to the traffic."

A mill and overlay of 11th Street from Lincoln to Park Street…..the former location of the hospital….is also planned.

In the second year of the new budget, a major project is planned on 13th Street form Beaver to Oak in south Beatrice, where officials have had a problem with a sewer line collapsing the street. Officials say that is a large enough project that it may be split into two sections, to better allow access to neighborhood homes.

Regular street maintenance work will continue. Street Superintendent Moore says his department began doing a comparison with the traditional armor-coating, a mastic sealing process and an asphalt rejuvenator the past couple of years.

"For the price, armor coating is an extremely inexpensive way to preserve the surface of the road...but it's also, in town, its dirty. In my opinion, it's perfect for the highways. In town, I kind of like the mastic (sealing), but we'll see how it holds up after we plow on it."

In the coming years, one of the most extensive street projects will be Lincoln Street, starting from Sixth to Eighth, but eventually…..all the way to 19th.
Officials say that will involve some design work…studying whether concrete should be used instead of asphalt on the highly traveled road….and getting public input on issues like the number of lanes, and parking.