Beatrice’s Homestead Days set for this week, aiming to help local businesses

Beatrice, NE - Homestead Days are back in Beatrice starting this Wednesday. 

After a 2020 summer where events, including Homestead Days, were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, summer celebrations are slowly making a return. Angie Bruna, of the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce, is the event coordinator. 

"Homestead days is a community celebration," Bruna said. "We have the fortune of celebrating our homesteading heritage here in Beatrice."

The five day event includes car shows, firework displays, and food from around the area, with many events taking place at Chautauqua Park.  Homestead Days has been a Beatrice tradition for over 40 years. However, with the cancellation of last years event, local businesses suffered.

"It totally impacted an industry that was already suffering," Bruna said. "People were staying home, they weren't going out to eat, to shop in stores, so the businesses already lost a revenue weekend that was very important to them and to our city."

In order to help local business, Bruna and the chamber encourage people to come out for the festival, and even planned an activity with the goal of supporting local business.

"We really invite everybody to get back out," Bruna said. "We've added a Homestead Days passport trail, it's similar to the Nebraska passport, where you go around and get stamps for places you've been, really supporting that shop local piece."

The event kicks off Wednesday, June 23 and runs through Sunday, June 27ht.