Beatrice-area officials watching recent uptick in Covid cases

BEATRICE – The Mayor of Beatrice says its not beyond possibility that the city could have to take new steps to ward off a rise in Covid-19 cases, traced to the delta variant.

Stan Wirth says city officials were part of a conference call with the local public health district and medical officials this week, about a recent hike in Covid presence within the district.

"They indicated to us some sobering news, in that there was sixteen new positive cases just last week, in this area. Our local hospital has reopened their Covid unit and they are seeing three to five on average, a day in the Covid wing. They're indicating to us that the struggle right now, is to locate patients in other areas, who need upgraded treatment....going on ventilators, or whatever the case may be."

During the height of the pandemic the past year, city offices and the public library were closed to the public to aid in a recommendation for social distancing.
Wirth said on KWBE’s Ask the Mayor program Thursday that the virus is real and in his words, “something we’re going to have to deal with.”
"We hope we don't revert back. There are always suggestions for folks to go out and get vaccinated. It seems like those who are vaccinated can actually carry the variant....may not get ill, but they can pass it on to someone who is not vaccinated, and that is a real concern."

Health experts across the nation have continually urged people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, but a significant portion of the population is resisting that advice.

Wirth said, "those who are anti-vaccers, you're not going to change their mind...that's the way it's going to be. We just hope they don't fall victim to this illness, because it is a tough, tough deal. We certainly hope we don't have to revert back to any type of mask mandates, but if we do, we'll institute those guidelines, if need be."

Across the nation Covid-19 numbers have surged, especially in states where the rate of vaccination has lagged other areas.