Beatrice street sealing work, repairs on Second Street wrapping up

BEATRICE – A Marysville, Kansas contractor is wrapping up mastic sealing work on several blocks of Beatrice city streets…and Street Superintendent Jason Moore likes what he sees, so far.

Unlike armor-coating with an aggregate applied, a mastic sealing is an onyx spray coat of material on the street without having to later sweep up the remaining gravel.

"So far, I've been really happy. Not only does the product seem like it seals up the roads really nice, we don't have to go back like when we do a chip seal....get all the dust up, and all the gravel up. Things are always a little dirty, with armor coats. With this product there is no sweeping...there is no dust. It's just a very clean product. Plus, the public look at a street and say, wow, that's a new street."

One of the final stretches of work next to the Gage County Courthouse on Lincoln Street, was reopened Friday. Moore says department officials will evaluate the new surfaces the next couple of years to see how it holds up.

Meanwhile, city street crews poured a new section of concrete on Second Street north of the Gage County Museum, which had sunk near a storm drain. After the concrete cures, Moore says Second Street will be reopened Monday.  "When it was put in, it didn't have an expansion area. With this heat we've had this summer....and there was a little area there where there was a slip joint put in because of a storm culvert that was under there. There was a couple issues and with the heat and expansion, things just kind of buckled there, for us."

Moore says a new recycling hub just west of the Municipal Auditorium is nearly finished. Additional concrete and fencing were installed. It will serve as the new recycling location for area residents, replacing containers along South 6th and at the skateboard park.  "We've got the concrete wrapped up...the crack sealing is wrapped up on the pad....and with the contractor installing the new fence, he also installed green slat...for a privacy screening. Right now, we're just waiting a little bit and then we're probably going to put both of the trailers and both cardboard roll-offs, at that location."

On the west side of the site, Moore says the city used some old outdated guardrail it had on hand which is no longer suitable for street purposes, to install a security barrier. The guardrail replaces a cable near a drop-off, from the concrete.