Beatrice staple ‘Julie’s Hotdogs’ celebrates National Hot Dog Day

BEATRICE - When Beatrice residents have a taste for a tasty grilled frank, they head down to Julie's Hotdogs. Julie Fisher and her family have been serving Beatrice since 2014. They have over 30 hot dogs of various concoctions and combinations. 

Julie spent 18 years as a firefighter in Beatrice, and after a trip to New York, she became inspired to bring a hot dog cart to a fundraiser. From that point forward, she and her family, were off and running with their new endeavor.

"I was doing a fundraiser for the Union #1098 for the Beatrice Fire Department, and I walking down fifth street, just thinking about how cool it would be to have a hot dog stand. And from there it just went," Fisher said.

Julie’s is known for their unique, wide range of hot dogs, with many different recipes, representing many different cities.

"We have 30 some different combinations of hot dogs," Fisher said. "From a peanut butter and jelly, to a smoked pork dog called the big easy," Fisher said.  

Beatrice residents, such as Lisa Behrens, love nothing more than to head down to Julie’s for lunch, maybe even trying a new hot dog, each visit. 

"I have tried probably half of them," Behrens said. "My usual is the chili dog with sauerkraut, but today I'm having the Reuben. I've tried the scooby, the mac daddy, lots of favorites."

That is what Julie’s is known for. Not just for being a regular hot dog stand that serves a hot dog, your favorite condiments, and a bun. While that’s always an option, the many different hot dogs on the menu are what make Julie’s, Julie’s.

"It's unique because we're the only place in town that does these kinds of hot dogs and has the array of different hot dogs we have," Fisher said.

July 21 is National Hot Dog Day, and what better place to celebrate than your local hot dog stand? This day is the hot dog equivalent to the Fourth of July!

"It points out your favorite hot dogs, and hot dogs are very American," Fisher said. "We're awfully busy because of it and it's just a day to have a good hot dog!"

As one of Beatrice’s small, local businesses there is always an emphasis on community. For Fisher, that importance is enhanced. She’s lived here all her life. Between that and her time with Beatrice Fire, brings her extra  pride in serving Beatrice.

"I feel like a part of the community," Fisher said.  "I believe in what we're doing and giving back means a whole lot to me."

Julie's is open from 11 am-2 pm Monday-Friday, but is open during the dinner hours tonight, in celebration of National Hot Dog Day.