Beatrice school officials hear ultimatum on state education policies

BEATRICE – A Beatrice woman frequently critical of Beatrice Public Schools has threatened that voters will remove school board members if the district doesn’t formally oppose critical race theory and sex education standards under consideration at the state level.

Ashley Mason raised the issues during a public forum section of the Beatrice School Board’s meeting, Monday night.

"Your unwritten word can no longer be trusted. Because of your actions, we want a written and signed statement by the next school board meeting, July 12th, 2021. If you do not produce this statement, the citizens of Beatrice and Gage County will begin looking for those who will take a stand and vote to protect our children from CRT and CSE. We will vote you out of office in 2022."

School board members and administrators could not respond directly to Mason’s comments because public forums on official meetings are meant for suggestion of future topics before the board….and because people holding opposing views may not be there to provide input.

Mason criticized the school superintendent and specifically, board members Eric Trusty, Lisa Pieper and Janet Byars.

Sabrina Glynn of Beatrice….also during the public forum…demanded to know next month what the district’s plans will be for operating this fall.
"I want to know what we're going to do for masks. Is it going to be ten percent of our student population has that what we're going to call an outbreak of this pandemic? What is going to be our standards? We hope we're not going to just go into, we just let a person or a couple people decide what is best for our children, again."

Beatrice school officials heard regular criticism from the small group of parents this past year, as the district and its board took steps to protect students and staff upon recommendations from public health experts.

The district relaxed mask standards late in the school year once vaccination against coronavirus became more common and coronavirus numbers improved.