Beatrice School Board approves guides for next school year

BEATRICE – The Beatrice Board of Education has approved various handbooks for the upcoming school year, covering buildings and staff.
One of the handbooks governs substitute teachers. Superintendent Jason Alexander says a bill passed in this session of the legislature altered how retired teachers are considered for substitute duty….an effort that could assist school districts.

"It effectively said that retired teachers can now substitute up to eight days a month in a school district if they so choose, without a voluntary contract."
Some districts have had difficulty finding enough substitute teachers and have increased their pay rate to remain competitive with other districts.

The District 15 Board also approved bread and milk bids for service during the upcoming school year, approving Rotella for bread supplies and Hiland Dairy for milk.  Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jackie Nielsen says the district has not had to set lunch and breakfast prices for the coming year.

"The USDA has approved that they will be paying for lunches and breakfast, for the year. Now, extras...if you want another serving of something or you want a bag of chips, those we will still charge...but the basic meal will be paid for, this year."

Beatrice Public Schools has learned the district will receive $2.9 million in the third round of coronavirus-related funding….20% which must address learning loss during the pandemic…while 80% can be used for improving air quality and HVAC systems in schools.