Beatrice Public School Teachers gather ahead of new school year start

BEATRICE – Beatrice Public School teachers got together midday on Wednesday, just prior to Thursday’s first day of school.  Awards were handed out to those with various years of service….including middle school instructor David Bell who’s been a teacher for 35 years….and Sarah Morris, whose been with the district for 50 years as a registrar.

Teachers got together in the commons area at BHS and then attended the awards ceremony and a welcome back for the new school year, in the Hevelone Center for Fine Arts.  There are 23 new teachers in the district this year.

Superintendent Jason Alexander said every school is going to do what is right for their community as Covid-19 still remains.

"We are going to take a look at all the demographics...the statistics within our community and make a decision on what the best approach is, if we start to see cases rise. At this point, we've kind of identified ten percent as that number...if we have ten percent of our staff and our students that become Covid positive, then we will take a look at our protocols. If there's a need, we're going to talk about it..the board of education is going to be involved...and ultimately we're going to do what's best for our staff, students and community."

Alexander says parents need to communicate with school officials should their child test positive for the coronavirus. Students are coming back this year without a mask requirement.  "We will be tracking students and staff that are identified as Covid-positive and we'll be working very closely with Public Health Solutions to do that again and just keeping an eye on those numbers as they start to unfold."

He says schools in the Trailblazer Conference are taking similar approaches to the new school year.  "Everybody was sticking to masks will be optional, and trying to approach it as, we'll see what happens in the coming weeks, so that was the predominant theme as of a week ago amongst everybody I've been in contact with."

Thursday is a half-day of school for Beatrice kindergarten through 9th grades…..while Friday is the first full day of the new school year for all grades.

Beatrice Public School Teachers gather in BHS Commons