Beatrice Police arrested suspect in assault, strangulation of female

BEATRICE – Beatrice Police have arrested a 68-year-old man on suspicion of second-degree domestic assault, strangulation and possession of a weapon during commission of a felony.

Stanley Stierwalt was arrested after a female victim of an assault came to Beatrice Police headquarters to report an assault and strangulation that allegedly had occurred late Saturday night.

Police said the assault was the culmination of verbal argument over a few hours that turned physical.   Police said the female victim reported being grabbed by the hair and had her head struck repeatedly against a cast-iron pot, then strangled and was thrown into a living room area, where the suspect allegedly put his knee on her chest and strangled the woman again. At one point, the victim reported the man wielded a kitchen knife. The suspect eventually left the room.

Police said the victim sustained bruises, redness on her elbows and a cut on the bottom of her jaw.

In a separate case Sunday, Beatrice Police also arrested 35-year-old Alexander Wallman, of Beatrice, on suspicion of third-degree domestic assault for injuries to a female victim.  She lacerations and other injuries to fingers on right hand.

Local police also report an 18-year-old Beatrice man has been arrested after police stopped his car, observing it traveling at a high rate of speed near 3rd and Market Street, early Saturday morning.

Police said it was one of two vehicles appearing to participate in a speed contest in the two hundred block of Market.

Police contacted Marcus Harless and conducted a search of his vehicle.  Inside a camping bag, police located a clear zip-bag which contained five other bags of suspected concentrated marijuana wax.  The suspect allegedly told police he sells the wax for $20 a gram.

Harless was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.