Beatrice Police arrest man wielding homemade spear, shield

BEATRICE - A man carrying a homemade spear and shield, acting strangely, was arrested at a north Beatrice fast food restaurant early Saturday evening.

A Runza Restaurant Manager reported to police that a man had walked into the restaurant with a long stick, with a knife attached to it. Wielding a metal shield, he began drinking out of an iced tea dispenser.

Store personnel asked him to leave and he initially refused.  Later, the man went outside and began to swing the homemade spear, talking to himself and saying people were out to get him.

Restaurant staff locked the doors to prevent the man from going back inside the restaurant and harming staff or customers.

Two officers arriving ordered the man to place his weapons on the ground.  He eventually did but refused to drop the metal shield.  An officer then gained control of him and placed him under arrest.

37-year-old Robert Vilda, of Beatrice was arrested for trespassing, disorderly conduct and failing to comply.