Beatrice Municipal Airport to carry lower tax rate, this coming year

BEATRICE – The budget of the Beatrice Municipal Airport this coming year will have a lower tax levy, because of bonded work that is being completed.
The Beatrice City Council Monday night approved the airport’s allocation of general fund money, totaling $107, 820. City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says the airport’s tax levy will drop 29-percent, from 2.6 cents to 1.8 cents.

Councilman Bob Morgan says the community is lucky to have an efficiently run airport. "If you look at that from an economic development standpoint, it has always operated very, very well."

Airport Manager Diana Smith says the facility saw a decline in airport use during the pandemic. "More in the jet traffic...was slower. But, right after everything started opening up, things just kind of got right back to normal. Last week was Oshkosh, Wisconsin...a huge air we saw a lot of traffic, a lot of aircraft coming and going."

Major projects in recent years include new runway surfaces and automated lighting systems. The airport receives budget support through the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Our next project is apron work. No matter what you do in any business there is always something to plan for. We have two brand new runways which I'm very proud to have. A lot of airports don't have that. Our next big project will be the apron and the ramp. They're talking about a design phase for next year that we're moving forward on."

The federal funding provides 90-percent of the cost share on projects, while the airport supplies the remaining 10-percent. The Beatrice Municipal Airport has two courtesy vehicles for those flying into the airport to use while they are staying in the area.