Beatrice Firefighters summoned to mall restaurant, for small fire

BEATRICE – Beatrice Firefighters encountered a small fire at the Legend’s Bar and Grill Restaurant at the Indian Creek Mall, early Monday morning.

Fire Captain Jeremy Seggerman says an alarm sent personnel to the business at around 2:25 Monday morning. A sprinkler head had been activated in the kitchen area of the restaurant due to a small fire on the floor.

Seggerman says the fire cause was traced to some towels and dish clothes that had been removed from a washer and dryer….and placed in a bag while the material was still warm. The material eventually ignited, setting off the small fire.

Seggerman says there was a small amount of fire damage to the kitchen, but smoke throughout the restaurant along with some light smoke in the interior of the mall.  Officials estimated damage at about $15,000. Firefighters left the scene at about 3:46 a.m.