Axe throwing business opens in Gibbon

GRAND ISLAND – An axe throwing venue opened up last week, June 2020, in Gibbon. The owners would’ve opened sooner but due to the pandemic, it was postponed.

People can come in groups or by themselves to throw a two and a half pound axe at a target. It may look easy at first but it takes practice and the proper form to become a pro.

Kyle Vohland and his wife own two businesses in Gibbon already but the couple thought the city was missing something, so they created Axes. A business created for people who enjoy throwing them for fun or for sport.

People can throw for fun or folks can duel it out to win a grand prize. Each person who pays to play contributes a dollar to a money pot. The pot builds each day until someone wins with a perfect game.

“On your fifth throw and tenth throw you can try to get the blue dots. If you get the blue dots their worth 8 points. So you have a score of 64 points,” said Kyle Vohland, owner of Axes.

A common misconception of axe throwing, it’s dangerous. Vohland said its not true, “It is not dangerous. There’s a lot of safety in place and there’s coaches at the lanes at all times while people are throwing.”

“We can only have so many people on each lane anyway for safety purposes, said Vohland. “We have three lanes and another lane outside we set up. So those people are spread out on those lanes.”

If people don’t feel comfortable coming to the business out of fear of catching the Coronavirus. Axes offers a portable throwing lane to rent from home. The business will ship it to them and will send two staff members to help out.