Authorities accept discarded drugs

NORFOLK -- An opportunity to discard unwanted prescription pills with no questions asked: drug drop-off boxes.  

The Drug Enforcement Administration is announcing this Saturday as a drug take-back day. It's an opportunity for people to get rid of unwanted drugs by safely handing them over to authorities. 

But in Norfolk, every day is a drug take-back day --- the Norfolk Police Department has a dropbox where they collect 350 pounds of drugs a year. 

Captain Mike Bauer explained they incinerate the drugs properly.  

When people don't appropriately get rid of drugs, instead flushing them or tossing them in the trash, the drugs can contaminate water, the environment, and even be abused by others.  

"Medication diversion is a big problem," he said. "It's probably underreported." 

You can and should dispose of all types of drugs, including creams, powders, liquids, and ointments.