Auburn limits where sex offenders can reside, clarifies street parking laws

AUBURN – The Auburn City Council adopted several resolutions at Monday’s meeting including an addition to the city code limiting where sex offenders and can live and clarifying where visitors can park.

City Attorney Angelo Ligouri said the city council intended to pass a sex offender ordinance in 2006, when the state established a sex offender registry. The city recently realized the ordinance had not been passed.

The Auburn ordinance prohibits people on the sex offender registry from living within 500 feet of a child care or school. There is a maximum penalty of $500 fine and six months in jail. Ligouri said he was not aware of any violations currently in the city.

City Councilman Chris Erickson said an amendment clarifies the city’s laws regarding parking on the street.

Erickson: “It puts it in black and white where you can and can not park in residential areas throughout Auburn.”

Except where designated by sign, residents may not park on the street in residential areas. Bonafide visitors can park next to the curb for 24 hours without penalty.