Auburn cuts ribbon on EV charging station

AUBURN- The City of Auburn, Nebraska, recently unveiled the newest electric vehicle charger in the state. 

According to General Manager of the Auburn Board of Public Works Dave Hunter, this particular location in Auburn would provide the maximum benefit to the community.

Being the only charging station within 80 miles, according to Hunter, the tourism and passerby possibilities are endless.

“So those individuals looking at buying a vehicle, if they want to travel long distances they know they can stop,” Sustainable Energy Manager David Rich said. “In a few minutes, maybe while they are getting a coke or using the restroom, they can get enough charge to get to their destination.”

Rich says that nearly 90 percent of electric vehicle charging occurs at home, but for the other 10 percent, Rich says that “range anxiety” can take over. 

“Range anxiety is the concept that people are afraid to buy a vehicle because they don’t know if they can get to where they normally go and back home to charge,” Rich said. “They don’t know if there’s chargers out there that will move fast enough. So, these DC fast chargers charge at a very, very high level.”

According to NPPD and Rich, the average EV charger charges up to 24 miles per hour. The newly installed DC fast charger can charge up to ten times that amount, or nearly 240 miles per hour of charge.