Auburn bus helps Nebraska City team get to Falls City track meet

NEBRASKA CITY – Auburn Public Schools helped the Nebraska City track team get to its meet today in Falls City.

The Nebraska City bus was evacuated en route to Falls City when smoke and flames were detected coming from a rear axle. Everyone got off the bus safely.

Superintendent Mark Fritch said a motorist pulled over with the bus and assisted the bus driver to immediately extinguish flames with a fire extinguisher.

He said an unidentified motorist notified Auburn Public Schools and Fritch said he received a phone call from the school saying an Auburn bus was on the way to pick up the students and take them to their destination.

Fritch: “Unfortunately this has happened before at schools I’ve been at and every time other districts, other schools, have helped out. It was very nice of them.”

A second Nebraska City bus was dispatched to Falls City to take team back home after the meet.