Ashland Police searching for man who allegedly threated girlfriend and children

ASHLAND, Neb. -- Ashland Police are looking for a 30-year-old man that they say threatened to kill his girlfriend and her children with a knife.

Police say Steven Bahm made the threats Monday afternoon. He is a registered sex offender with a range of felony charges.

Authorities say Bahm showed up at a care center causing a disturbance while the girlfriend was waiting for an officer to assist her home. She had requested for an officer after getting off work so she can get her and the children’s belongings.

Police say three employees were able to push Bahm out the door as he tried to get in and the care center went on lockdown. Employees were able to protect the girlfriend and two of her children.

Officers say Bahm allegedly tried to get in again by going around to the back door before fleeing.