Amid hot, dry conditions, Norfolk asking residents to conserve water

NORFOLK -- The city of Norfolk is encouraging people to follow its water code given the recent high temperatures in town. 

Some residents said this is not feasible. 

"If I'm not watering it when I'm supposed to, it's getting to die. I don't want my flowers to die because I can't water them on a certain day," resident Janice Nickolite said.

Norfolk is asking residents with even addresses to water their lawn on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Odd addresses should water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Some residents are not too concerned about water conservation.

"I'm not aware of any water conservation going on here [...] I'm in competition with the neighbor to see who has the nicest lawn," Klare Ellis, a Norfolk resident said with a shrug. Ellis just moved here after the house had been vacant for a while, so he said the lawn was fairly dying off when they moved in. "But I think [conservation] is important," Ellis said.

Norfolk's Water Division noted even with a stormy forecast headed for the state, these temperatures are quite high for so early in the summer -- giving concern for future drought and water shortage. 

"The hot weather is starting way earlier than last year," said water division director Dennis Watts. He said the town is using 2 million more gallons now than it was this time last year.

Watts also wants to note that the city code asks residents not to water lawns at all on Monday.