ALLO coming to Columbus

COLUMBUS, Neb. -- ALLO Communications announced Monday the expansion of fiber service to Columbus, bringing an all-fiber network to Nebraska's Platte Valley. ALLO’s services will become available in the fall 2021.

“At ALLO, we develop gigabit societies with world-class solutions," said ALLO president Brad Moline. "When the project is complete, everyone in Columbus can have fiber services at a competitive price. Columbus has requested that ALLO provide services for their community and ALLO is excited to meet their needs."

This month, construction will begin and hiring of the ALLO team has already started in Columbus. Current expansion in northeast Nebraska and Colorado, combined with twelve prior gigabit communities, give ALLO a population of approximately 600,000 customers served.

“To be competitive regionally and nationally for business and quality of life, all communities need exceptional and dependable broadband," Moline said.

With the 20 associates expected to be based in Columbus, ALLO will expand its staffing to more than 700 associates across Nebraska and Colorado markets, as well as those working remotely from many other states.

“We are excited to have ALLO come to Columbus and give our citizens another option for fiber access,” stated Jim Bulkley, Columbus’ mayor.

“We are excited to introduce the Columbus community to a competitive choice for communication and entertainment services from ALLO," Moline said.

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