Albion locker recovering after a partial collapse

It happened Monday morning, where a local meat locker in the small city of Albion, partially collapsed due to structural deficiencies over time.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the process.

The owner, Dustin Frey, told us people are coming together from around the community to offer support in any way they can to get the successful butcher shop back up and running.

"We had so many people come down to help. It's that small-town community where everybody pulled together," Frey said.

The partial collapse was an unfortunate event, but fortunately, no products in the butcher shop were ruined because of the damage. That is something Dustin Frey and all of his customers were thankful for.

"Nothing in the freezer even got close to thawing. The temperatures maintained below where they were required to be," said Frey.

The building was built in the early nineteen hundreds, so, it's understandable that something like this happened but city officials want to make sure this doesn't take place again. To combat it, officials are putting wooden poles as the foundation to provide extra support to the shop in the future.

Frey is confident the butcher shop will back in business soon and officially back to normal.

"We'll have it all closed up by the end of the week, " added Frey.