Aiding burglary gets Beatrice man a prison term

BEATRICE – A Beatrice man has been sent to prison after a district judge issued a stern reminder of the defendant’s lack of cooperation on probation.
“Mr. Hausman has had three opportunities at probation. At one of those, he refused to enter the building…a probation officer received several calls from his family and treatment staff. He jumped out of a car and walked off screaming and could be heard yelling profanities such as F__you, crazy b….es. He’s had three opportunities at treatment. My order is final…it’s a final appealable order….you’re remanded to the Gage County Sheriff for the execution of the sentence. With that, we’re adjourned.”

25-year-old Drew Hausman was sentenced to a two-year state prison term by Gage County District Judge Rick Schreiner, for aiding a felony offense. After prison, Hausman has been ordered to serve a one-year term of post-release supervision.  Gage County Public Defender Lee Timan’s request on behalf of his client to reconsider the sentence in favor of treatment, was denied by the judge.

Beatrice Police arrested Hausman last June for his role in helping plan a burglary of a house along Garden Street by giving two other men a door code to get into the home, in exchange for marijuana. He had told the men about money and drugs they could steal from the victim.

In a separate case, a Beatrice man recently released from custody in Lancaster County has been sentenced to a five-year probation term…the judge giving him a chance following a previous joint recommendation by the state and defense for a straight sentence.  21-year-old Chase Lyons was convicted of delivering a hazardous drug and of drug possession. He had his prior probation sentence revoked.  Lyons told the judge he has an opportunity to live with a relative in Ohio….which he would be allowed to do while serving his Gage County probation.

“I want to take that chance to move away and try something new, and get away from Beatrice. I want to be sober. I don’t have any desire to go back out and use. I just want to do this, for me.”

District Judge Schreiner said Lyons needs to know that wherever he goes, all the problems he has will go with him.

“February 18th, I was going to follow the joint recommendation and you were going to spend thirty to sixty months in prison…which is a long time for a young man….it’s five years. For some reason I chose to step back and get a little more information. Somebody must have said something right to you, I think it may have been your probation officer. You’ve stepped aside and seen things differently and what I got from the probation officer is, this… is respectfully recommended that the defendant be resentenced to a term of probation with specialized substance abuse supervision.”

Schreiner urged Lyons to “learn a new normal”.  Lyons was arrested by Beatrice Police nearly three years ago in prearranged drug purchases, where methamphetamine was involved. Both of the purchases took place within one-thousand feet of Paddock Lane Elementary School.

In other sentencing hearings held in Gage County District Court Thursday….

Dawn Meyer was given a three-year probation term for possession of a controlled substance. Sharla Steelman was admonished for a probation violation and had her probation term for distribution and possession of methamphetamine extended one year, through November 21st, 2024. She originally was placed on probation in November of 2019.