A Proper Place For Opioid Prescriptions

OMAHA –¬†With the increasing rate of opioid abuse and opioid-related deaths, opioids are a topic of many conversations.

HyVee pharmacy manager Katie Kiscoan spoke about the of the dangers in a recent interview.

“As a parent, you don’t want these medications in your home where your children might be able to access them. It’s important to get unused or unwanted medications out of the hands of people that could misuse them or abuse them.”

So what happens when you are done with a prescription and there is still medication left over?

What do you do with prescriptions that are no longer needed?

Since teaming up with the Nebraska Pharmacist Association, HyVee pharmacies provide unused disposal envelops free of charge.

Simply put your unused medication in the envelope and put it in the mail, to be destroyed.

If you do not feel comfortable putting the envelope in the mail, you can also take unused medication directly to local DEA take-back events.

Omaha resident, Gary Lalich, says proper disposal is important and necessary to combat opioid abuse. He feels that there are too many drugs around for people take [from the rightful owner], so if you are not using the medication, get rid of it.

Until the crisis is over, we can all do our part to ensure the safety of others and possibly save a life.