A nearly-naked man, a bottle of vegetable oil and a Taser — a not-so-routine patrol in Council Bluffs

COUNCIL BLUFFS — A Council Bluffs man — clad only in his underwear while wielding a bottle of vegetable oil — was arrested at 4 a.m. Thursday after an officer reportedly saw him chasing a woman who tried to shoot him with a Taser.

The Council Bluffs Police Department reported that while on routine patrol near 3200 10th Ave., an officer heard the sound of a Taser being used. After seeing the nearly naked man running down the street after the woman, a second officer arrived on scene and the couple was separated.

The man told police his girlfriend had been at his residence earlier that night and she refused to leave after he told her to leave numerous times. The report stated the couple got into an argument, and the man told her not to be so loud because his mother was asleep in the house.

So the man attempted to restrain his girlfriend and bit her arm, police said he told them.

“This is when (the woman) grabbed a Taser and ran out of the residence. (The man) grabbed a bottle of vegetable oil and was going to dump it” on the woman when police arrived.

Police said the woman told a similar version of events and showed them the bite mark on her arm. She said she deployed the Taser but it was not actually used on either of them.

The man was arrested and charged with domestic abuse assault, then taken to the Pottawattamie County Jail.

Authorities took clothes from his house to the jail.