A fire dancer set the Bourbon Theatre ablaze during a concert

Bourbon Theatre was on fire Thursday night.

But it wasn’t because of the hot concert on stage at the Lincoln music venue.

A fire dancer performing before rapper K. Camp spilled a flammable liquid, which ignited, according to Lincoln fire officials.

The fire started just before 10 p.m. underneath a fire sprinkler, which extinguished the flame, officials said. The concert was canceled, and the venue was evacuated with the help of Lincoln police.

The performing group was not authorized to use the fire, and the group, not the venue, is subject to a citation, according to a spokeswoman for Lincoln Fire & Rescue.

K. Camp continued to perform on O Street outside the venue. He sat on his tour van as fans sang along to his songs.

“It was (a part) of a local opening act. We was unable to enter the venue when we arrived due to the fire so we gave Fans a show outside,” K. Camp’s DJ, Genius, said on Twitter.

“Police couldn’t stop it, Fire marshals couldn’t stop it!” K. Camp tweeted.