62-year-old man arrested for alleged window-peeping incident

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Saturday morning officers were dispatched for reports of a suspicious person at the 5700 block of Abbey Court. 

A 21-year-old woman called in to report seeing a man looking through her bedroom window from her security camera. She reported that she saw him with his hands down his pants. 

Police say the same man was reported to police and captured on video looking in the victim's window on July 20 and 21. 

Officers say they found a man, matching the description of the alleged window peeper, lying on the ground behind fences in the area. 

The woman provided the officers with video evidence, and they were able to positively identify the man as the same one for all three incidences, according to a press release issued by LPD.

Police say they took 62-year-old Joseph Reyna into custody and officers found a bag of 0.4 grams of cocaine on his person. 

Reyna was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, three counts of criminal trespassing and three counts of disturbing the peace.