5-foot python discovered in Omaha resident’s yard

5-foot python discovered in Omaha resident’s yard
Omaha Police Officer Jacob Bettin holds a ball python that was found in a yard near 71st and Pratt Streets. JACOB BETTIN

An Omaha resident found a slithering surprise in his yard: a 5-foot-long ball python.

Omaha police and the Nebraska Humane Society responded to the call, at a home near 71st and Pratt Streets, on Wednesday.

Ball pythons, which aren’t venomous, are a popular pet in the Omaha area, said Mark Langan, vice president of field operations for the Nebraska Humane Society.

“They’re no danger to the public at all, but it’s not something you would ordinarily find in your yard,” Langan said. Still, he added, don’t handle a strange snake. Call professionals instead.

Langan said officials respond to a fair amount of snake calls. Sometimes the slithering reptiles escape from their homes, but other times they’re dumped because they aren’t wanted anymore, he said.

In the Omaha area, a rogue snake has caused a power outage, and in a separate incident, one slithered through the vent system into an unsuspecting person’s apartment.

The responding officers to Wednesday’s call made the most of the situation and snagged photos while holding the snake.

The snake appears well cared for and is being held at the Humane Society.