Nebraska Republican Office Vandalized

LINCOLN – Tuesday morning, shortly after 3 a.m., police say someone vandalized the Nebraska Republican Party Office in Lincoln, located at 1601 N St.

Upon arrival, police say they found bricks used to break two windows along with the words “ABOLISH ICE” spray painted on the ground.

According to police, the damage is an estimated $1200, but that is not what bothers GOP Office Executive Director Kenny Zoeller.

“In 2018, if our country is at the point where, if we disagree with someone on policy, we’re gonna vandalize their property, it’s just not a good time to be in politics. And frankly, it doesn’t make me proud to be in politics.”

Lincoln resident Dominic Fuller is not into politics, but he did share his feelings on the vandalism. He says, “people that want to lash out are the people that should be ignored.”

By Tuesday afternoon boards were in place of the missing windows and volunteers were back at work. The spray paint removal will take place in the next few days.

Zoeller spoke about the positive outcome produced by the vandalism.

“We’ve received way more donations today than we did yesterday. We have ten times the volunteers signing up today than we did yesterday. So, if the goal was to do something to not get our elected officials re-elected, then its completely failed.”

Police say they are canvassing area for witnesses or any surveillance video from businesses, to aid in them in their investigation.

If you have any information call the Lincoln Police Department at 402.441.6000