Secret Sound

It’s Ol Red 99-5’s Secret Sound, presented by Beatrice Ford Lincoln and Quicklane and Lillian Fritch Insurance Agency.

Here’s how it works:  The jackpot starts at $15.  Listen for the cue to call.  When you hear it call 402-729-3383, you’ll get to listen to the sound and make your guess.  If you make the right guess, you get to take home the jackpot!   If your guess is wrong, you get a lovely consolation prize and the jackpot grows by $15.

Listen weekdays between 6AM and 7PM for the cue to call.   When you hear us play it, cal 402-729-3383 for your chance to play.


Pistol cocking
Staple gun
Yard rake
Walking thru dry leaves
Walking thru a corn field
Scraping food off a plate
Caulking gun
Stacking dishes
Trowel on cement
Old-fashioned credit-card swiper
Ice Machine
Ice cube tray
Deer antlers rattling
change counting machine
Bowling Ball Rolling
Sharpen a knife




10/17  Wade from Fairbury guesses that it was an Electric Fencer and wins $90!


(10/15) SECOND SECRET SOUND CORRECT GUESS: Danielle from Fairbury guessed that the secret sound was an umbrella opening!   Congratulations she takes home $120


(10/10) FIRST SECRET SOUND CORRECT GUESS:  Slinky going down the stairs.   Rita from Fairbury was our big winner of $345.


Title sponsors:

Lillian Fritch Insurance, Inc in Beatrice
Beatrice Ford Lincoln and Beatrice Quicklane

Consolation Prizes provided by:

Week 1:  The Wheelhouse in Deshler
Week 2:  TO Haas Tire and Auto Lincoln, Hebron, Tecumseh and Beatrice
Week 3:  Carriage Motors Body Shop in Beatrice
Week 4:  Sonic Drive-in Beatrice