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Standard Rates per Spot:

  • :30 – $15
  • :60 – $20
  • All trade – $25 minimum per spot
Boomer Network

See rate card below. Rates differ by daypart and frequencies chosen.

Boomer Omaha Iowa Blair Rate Card May 2019


A note from Brad:

KCRO is a unique station and content/business must be carefully considered before anything is aired. Please contact me before you pitch KCRO to any client that is not currently airing on this station.

  • :30s  $15
  • :60s  $20
  • Trade $25
  • 1/2 hour program $200
  • Hour program $300

Program rates include promos, studio times and production engineering. All rates are NET TO STATION.

RATE CARD: KCRO Advertising Rates 082019

Current Package Offers:

COMBO Omaha + Blair + CB + Fremont Stations

All Walnut Radio Recruitment Package


Fly In Breakfast Live Remote 2019 (EXPIRES AUGUST 16TH)

Big Dog Anniversary Sale KHUB KFMT OPEN

Listener of the Day! OPEN UNTIL SOLD

Continental Drift Music Festival 2019 (EXPIRES SEPT 5)

Huskers Lucky Number 2019 (Sponsors must be on board by AUG 23 to receive all promos)

Big Summer BBQ 2019 OPEN

Digital Advertising 052019 OPEN

Ag Reports on Big Dog Mar 2019 OPEN (except 6:55A, 12:45PM, and Mondays at 1:50PM)

News Sponsorship 2019 KHUB KFMT OPEN (Only times currently available: 6:07A on both; 8:07AM on KFMT only)

Rotating Weather 2019 (2)

Jobs Board 2018 300

Jobs Board 2018 500


Sportscasters 120 – 2019 2020 – KFMT KHUB

Sportscasters 200 – 2019 2020 – KFMT KHUB

Sportscasters Title – 2019 2020 – KHUB KFMT


2019 Fall Callahan Reports

2019 Husker Football Sponsorship

2019 Husker Football Sponsorship GROSS

2019-2020 Husker All Sports Sponsorship

2019-2020 Husker All Sports Sponsorship GROSS

2019 Husker Luncheon – Bronze REV2

2019 Husker Luncheon – Silver REV2

2019 Husker Luncheons GOLD LEVEL REV2

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Council Bluffs Football 2019 Boomer CB REV3    (Council Bluffs High School Schedule)

Blair Football 2019 Boomer BLR

Iowa Hawkeyes

Hawkeyes FB-BB 2019-2020

Cubs Packages

Cubs Economy Package Final

Cubs Starter 2019 Final

Cubs Super Fan 2019 FINAL

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Omaha Unused Inventory Plan (1)

Unused Traffic Report

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KCRO Introductory Package

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Boomer Radio Profile Feb-19 / Boomer Radio_Coverage Map 2019 web

KCRO Station Profile / KCRO Program Guide

Station Profile – KFMT 2017

KHUB Station Profile 2018


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