On The Job

Much like Mike Rowe did with “Dirty Jobs”, Mookie & CC along with Renegade and their On The Job Department will take YOU the listeners “ON THE JOB”…follow 94 Rock as they head to local businesses with Actual Video coverage from the Morning Show Crew as they go “ON THE JOB”!!! From Wispak, to Nucor, a local Dairy Farm, a plumber, the City of Norfolk’s Water System…brewing beer at the local brewery, turning a wrench at the repair shop…94 Rock and Renegade are “ON THE JOB”!

On The Job with Willow Creek Veterinary Clinic

Mookie & CC get up close and personal with Dr. Shane Pedersen’s cows & calves!


On The Job with Wis-Pak

Our Laverne & Shirley (Mookie & CC) see how Wis-Pak perform their soda magic!



On The Job with Johnson's Plumbing and Heating

Working on septic tanks — my, Princess Mookie, what an interesting smell you’ve discovered!


On The Job at Rick's Auto Repair in Pierce

Changing oil on diesel trucks — C.C. proves she’s more of a man for the job than Mookie is!