NORFOLK — It’s great to see tangible results for your efforts. And Jody Maas and the organizers of the Northeast Nebraska Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome can claim results. The walk designed to raise awareness for Down Syndrome donated some of i'... Read More

  LINCOLN - Congressman Jeff Fortenberry released a statement Friday following President Donald Trump’s call for Congress to make changes to the nuclear agreement with Iran. The President said Iran is not living up the “spirit” of th'... Read More

LINCOLN — Only a serious party house would have portable potties in the backyard. At least a couple of yards in Lincoln’s North Bottoms neighborhood, just north of Memorial Stadium, have portable bathrooms for their visitors so they '... Read More

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. A painting is probably worth even more. For a painted heart, Roberta Barnes’s creation was worth $10,000 at the Nebraska By Heart auction. On October 6, the public art project hosted the a'... Read More

FAIRBURY - After 45 years, a beloved Fairbury Dentist is retiring and pursuing other goals. Dr. Jack C. Wesch of Fairbury Dental Associates says he feels confident in leaving the practice to "the best team in the state." Community members were pou'... Read More

COLUMBUS, Neb. - Columbus officials are considering a residential ban on miniature pigs and roosters  within the city limits. The city council agenda for next Monday has possible action on two different animals that could soon be booted from town'... Read More

NORFOLK - An image of a shoe won the internet on Friday. Some people see a gray shoe with teal laces and trim while some see a pink shoe with white laces and trim. It is unclear for sure which color is correct, but it is clear that nothing is w'... Read More

COLUMBUS, Neb. - Students at Columbus Lakeview had the chance to have a delicious lunch that came from a nearby source. The school kicked off its 'Farm to School' program after a generous donor gifted the school a cow. So, the school decided to gr'... Read More

NORFOLK, NE — There’s a new pumpkin patch and corn maze in town. According to the owners of the Crows Nest, Angie and Chris Sovereign they weren’t sure pumpkins would be able to grow. Luckily they did, and after the pumpkins started grow'... Read More

Omaha, Ne.—Did anyone see this coming? The gloves in the GOP race for State Treasurer—you read that right, State Treasurer— are off and the primary is still seven months away. Taylor Royal The two hopefuls—State Sen. John Murante an'... Read More

CRETE - Brew with a side of politics, and money in politics taking center stage with three former Speakers of the Legislature. "You know, you spend a quarter of a million dollars on a Legislative race. I'm concerned about the whole issue of money '... Read More

IOWA CITY (AP) — Federal safety regulators have shut down a troubled Iowa trucking company that owned the semitrailer involved in a human trafficking case in which 10 immigrants died in Texas. Pyle Transportation of Schaller, Iowa, was'... Read More

STANTON - A Cuming County teenager was injured after a rollover accident late Thursday. Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger says the 16-year old Wisner teen was taken to Faith Regional Health Services after the accident on Old Highway 8 about 11:20 '... Read More

COLUMBUS - Officials say lane restrictions are scheduled to take place on 10th Avenue on Monday for data collection. City officials say field data collection services are scheduled to begin on Monday, October 16th. The area of 10th Avenue from 19t'... Read More