Omaha, NE.—With no Democratic candidate for governor in sight News Channel Nebraska has learned that the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party is considering putting her name on the top of the ticket but— get this— with no intention of campaign'... Read More

Omaha, NE.—Nebraska's best known never-Trumper is handing out some harsh words for the Republican Party. In several interviews following the Democratic Party's big win in deep-red Alabama this week Republican U.S. Senator Ben Sasse says the GOP '... Read More

Omaha, NE. —Add two long-held Republican seats to the possible, emphasize the word possible, fall-out from the hung-jury ruling on TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline. As the company meets with landowners this week the Nebraska Democratic Party i'... Read More

Omaha, NE.—The fallout from the controversial Alabama Senate race, involving accusations that Republican Roy Moore abused young women nearly 40 years ago, has apparently hit Nebraska. Just days after a spokesman for the Nebraska Republican Party'... Read More

Farmers clean up their equipment after harvest each year. This year, some are also polishing their résumés. The situation facing corn and soybean growers has southeast Nebraska farmer Steve Sugden looking for an off-farm job to help su'... Read More

COLUMBUS - A McCook man is facing two felony drug charges in Platte County, involving a controlled substance. A complaint filed by Platte County says Nathan Nothnagel, 32, is charged with intentionally manufacturing or delivering a counterfeit sch'... Read More

Omaha, NE.—Meat packers in Nebraska—folks on the kill floor—are part of a federal health and safety investigation that finds workers afraid to complain. According to a just released 71-page report, workers in Nebraska and four other states a'... Read More

NELIGH, NE — On Tuesday it became official that the town of Neligh lost a member of its family. So, when the chance to support those affected came about, the entire family showed up. “As a school system, people are hurting,” teacher and even'... Read More

Omaha, NE.—When the President of the United States comes to Nebraska it’s always a big deal, unless it’s December 5, 2007. That was the day George W. Bush was supposed to be the story of the day. And he was until just after 1:30 that afte'... Read More

Omaha, NE.—The body of a 24-year-old Lincoln woman missing for the last few weeks has been found, according to the family's Facebook page devoted to her search. Aubrey Trail    Bailey Boswell Sydney Loofe, who is originally from Neligh, wa'... Read More

FREMONT - A Scottsbluff man was arrested in Fremont for his 2nd DUI, after police found him passed out in his vehicle. Police say on Saturday at approximately 10 p.m., they were dispatched to a parking lot on the 700 block of N.Broad Street., for '... Read More

LINCOLN — Scott Frost smiled with tears in his eyes. He’d just coached Central Florida to a conference title in front of a home crowd. “The best year of my life,” he said. That magical year will end with him headed back '... Read More

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- If you think the moon is bigger and brighter than normal this weekend, it's not just because you're excited about the Scott Frost news. This weekend, the moon will actually appear 16 percent bigger than normal. Why? 10/1'... Read More