Trevor Reiste of Iowa Wins Custer County Classic 22

The 22nd Custer County Classic Bull Riding event took place Monday night at the Custer County Fairgrounds at Trotter Arena.  The competition was strong between the 34 bull riders who competed.  There were 8 qualified rides in the long go with the top six advancing to the short go with the opportunity win the title.  Defending champion Christiano Figuarado of Brazil scored a 78 on his first ride and sat third going into the short go.  Third is where the defending champ would finish as he failed to complete the 8 seconds on his second ride of the night.  Second place went to Stran Smith of Lantry, South Dakota.  Smith scored a 79 in the long go and was also unable to put together a qualfied ride in the short go.  There was only one man who put together two qualified rides.  Trevor Reiste of Linden, Iowa scored a 79.5 on his first ride and then on the final ride of the night he achieved the highest score of the night with an 85.5 to ignite the crowd in attendance and claim the 2020 Custer County Classic Bull Riding title.