SORC Winners Revealed at Awards Banquet

The 2020 Sandhills Open Road Challenge winners were announced Saturday evening at the annual awards banquet held at the Arnold City Park.  The 20th running of the road race between Arnold and Dunning took place Saturday.  There were two “extreme” classes in the race where drivers tried to average their target speed without exceeding it.  The champions of the 120 mph extreme class were Robbi Smith of Arnold and Derek Rose of Las Vegas in a 2014 Chevy Corvette with an average speed of 109.439 mph.  The winners of the extreme 90 class were Barry Konken (Sioux Falls, SD) and Jim Konken (Cheyenne, WY) in a 2003 Corvette with an average speed of 86.589 mph.

Here is a list of the other champions of Saturday’s race.  The time in parentheses represents how far the participants were off perfect from their target speed.

120 mph class – Aaron Anderson and Kendra Anderson of Lincoln (.661)
2017 Ford Mustang

115 mph class – Matt Dinsdale and Phil McDonnell of Omaha (.385)
2018 Porsche GT3

110 mph class – Chad Christensen (Roca, NE) and Aaron Wells (.099)
2011 Chevy Corvette

105 mph class – Mike and Janet Black (.012)
2015 Chevy Corvette

100 mph class – Tracy Clinkenbrand (Odessa, TX) and Mike Bostick (.140)
2002 Chevy Corvette

95 mph class – Chris Thorkildsen (Mission Hills, SD) and Barrie Larsen (Yankton, SD) (.022)
1965 Cobra

90 mph class – Tim Zimmerman (Sandy, UT) and Kyle Cleveland (.621)
2014 Dodge Charger

Vintage 85 mph class – John Schmidt (Lincoln, NE) and Ryan Furstenau (.957)
1990 Chevy Corvette

80 mph class – Jessica Morton (Sparks, NV) and Berry Lowman (.297)
2011 Chevy Corvette

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