Results of Saturday’s Double-Feature Night of Racing at Lincoln County Raceway

Story by Kelly Ninas

The racing was fast paced and action packed all night long as the United Rebel Sprint Series (URSS) joined the IMCA divisions during a double-feature night of racing at Lincoln County Raceway in North Platte, Nebraska on Saturday evening.

Earning the privilege of stepping into the promised land of the winners circle was Tyler Knight, David Murray Jr, Mike Densberger, Tony Schultz, Jacob Wolsleben, Casey Woken, Tyler Tipton, Brady Bencken, Billy Turner and Richard Crow.

In the only feature of the evening featuring the visiting URSS competitors, Tyler Knight of Wright, Kansas started on the pole and led every lap of the feature event to claim the checkered flag. Finishing second overall in the feature event was Zach Chappell of Talala, Oklahoma with Zach Blurton of Quinter, Kansas.

Climbing to the top of the heap in the IMCA Modified features was the duo of David Murray Jr of Oberlin, Kansas and the Magic Man Mike Densberger of Lincoln, Nebraska. Murray cashed in on his great starting position to lead the first lap of the first feature and then regain the lead on the fourth lap and never look back on his way to the win. In the second feature event, Cole Hodges of Ogallala led nearly the whole feature until Mike Densberger passed Hodges coming out of corner four to win the sprint to the finish line and claim the victory. Hodges was forced to settle with second place honors. Densberger was the runner-up in the first feature of the night.

Starting their night off right, Schultz racing saw their dynamic duo of Tony Schultz and Zach Schultz, both of North Platte finishing first and second overall in the first feature for the IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds. In the second feature of the night for the Northern Sport Modifieds, Jacob Wolsleben of Cozad, Nebraska was able to lead every lap of the feature to hold off Zach Schultz who once again finished as the runner-up.

Scoring victories in the IMCA Stock Car division were Casey Woken of Norton, Kanas and Tyler Tipton of Weskan, Kansas. Woken was able to hold off the late charges; by runner-up finisher Mikey Dancer after grabbing the lead on the eight lap to lead the rest of the feature. Tyler Tipton led from the beginning through the checkered flag to win the second feature of the evening with Gothenburg’s Jeff Whiting finishing second overall.

Ruling the roost in the IMCA Hobby Stock features was Brady Bencken of Oakley, Kansas with a pair of victories being earned. Bencken led from lap four until the finish in the first feature and then lead every lap of the second main event. Jeromy Wagner of Kensington, Kansas and Tanner Jones of North Platte were the second place finishers in the feature events for IMCA Hobby Stocks.
Taking a step to the top of the podium in the IMCA Sport Compact features was Billy Turner of Colby, Kansas and Richard Crow of Grand Island. Billy Turner was able to hold off the hard charging hot rod piloted by multi-time track champion Andrew Baumgardner of North Platte. Richard Crow did his best to stay in front of David Norquest of York, Nebraska in the second half of the double-dip of Sport Compact features.

(Unofficial Results)
–United Rebel Sprint Series Feature: 1. 11k-Tyler Knight; 2. 45-Zach Chappell; 3. 2j-Zach Blurton; 4. 92-Coby Pearce; 5. 50-Jed Werner; 6. 97-Brian Herbert; 7. 7x-Shane Sundquist; 8. 10-Jordan Knight; 9. 12-Darren Berry; 10. 62-Tim Fricke; 11. 75-Nick Nichols; 12. 9-John Webster; 13. 83-Austin McLean; 14. 911-Ty Williams; 15. 17s-Chad Salem.
–IMCA Modified Feature #1: 1. 97m-David Murray Jr; 2. 81-Mike Densberger; 3. 50c-Colton Osborn; 4. 20b-Brandon Clough; 5. XII-Jay Steffens; 6. 19xx-Brandon Spanjer; 7. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 8. 0hp-Bryan Herrick; 9. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 10. 17j-Jeremy Frenier.
–IMCA Modified Feature #2: 1. 81-Mike Densberger; 2. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 3. 20b-Brandon Clough; 4. 97m-Dave Murray Jr; 5. XII-Jay Steffens; 6. 19xx-Brandon Spanjer; 7. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 8. 0hp-Bryan Herrick; 9. 17j-Jeremy Frenier; 10. 93h-Klancey Honeycutt.
–IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature #1: 55m-Tony Schultz; 2. 55z-Zach Schultz; 3. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 4. 88-Eric Kackmeister; 5. 3-Gary Long; 6. 22w-Brady Weinman; 7. 52p-Brandon Poessnecker; 8. 12j-Kerry Jones; 9. 34-Matt Caudillo; 10. 01-Jacob Wolsleben.
–IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature #2: 1. 01-Jacob Wolsleben; 2. 55z-Zach Schultz; 3. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 4. 52p-Brandon Poessnecker; 5. 69-Adam Kackmeister; 6. 34-Matt Caudillo; 7. 57-Shane Jones; 8. 3-Gary Long; 9. 88-Eric Kackmeister; 10. 24m-Clayton Honeycutt.
–IMCA Stock Car Feature #1: 1. 35jw-Casey Woken; 2. 45-Mikey Dancer; 3. 71-Andrew Dillenburg; 4. 11k-Kyle Clough; 5. 26j-Justin Addison; 6. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 7. 10a-Austin Brauner; 8. 5d-Travis Demilt; 9. 75-Dan Eller; 10. 52dd-David Dembowski.
–IMCA Stock Car Feature #2: 95-Tyler Tipton; 2. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 3. 45-Mikey Dancer; 4. 35jw-Casey Woken; 5. 5d-Travis Demilt; 6. 11k-Kyle Clough; 7. 26j-Justin Addison; 8. 72h-Jim Hagan; 9. 71-Andrew Dillenburg; 10. 67-Damon Richards.
–IMCA Hobby Stock Feature #1. 1. 711-Brady Bencken; 2. 29-Jeromy Wagner; 3. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 4. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 5. Tanner Jones; 6. 12r-Brooke Russell; 7. 20b-Brady Henderson; 8. 88m-TC McKain; 9. 28d-Devin Bjorklund; 10. 96k-Sean Miller.
–IMCA Hobby Stock Feature #2: 1. 711-Brady Bencken; 2. 12t-Tanner Jones; 3. 20b-Brady Henderson; 4. 29-Jeromy Wagner; 5. 12r-Brooke Russell; 6. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 7. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 8. TC McKain; 9. 28d-Devin Bjorklund; 10. 1-Tanner Clough.
–IMCA Sport Compact Feature #1: 1. 19x-Billy Turner; 2. 44u-Andrew Baumgardner; 3. 7e-Quincy Eggleston; 4. 7d7-David Norquest; 5. 00d-Daryl Cauffman; 6. L2-Lonnie Lenser Jr; 7. 71c-Christian Destefano; 8. 07- Merle Johnson; 9. 84d-Kaden Dady; 10. 74b-Tristian Barnhill.
–IMCA Sports Compact Feature #2: 1. 69x-Richard Crow; 2. 7d7-David Norquest; 3. 19x-Billy Turner; 4. 00d-Daryl Cauffman; 5. 7e-Quincy Eggleston; 6. 44u-Andrew Baumgardner; 7. L2-Lonnie Lenser Jr; 8. 71c-Christian Destefano; 9. 68-Billy Potter; 10. 07-Merle Johnson.