Races to Return to Dawson County Raceway in August

Things have been quiet so far this summer at the Dawson County Raceway but that will change once we enter the month of August.  In an interview with KCNI/KBBN radio, track promoter Chad Dolan said that competitive side by side racing will return to Lexington on August 2nd.  Dolan said big things are planned to welcome back racing fans in August.  Among them are the return of the “Prize Wheel”, candy toss for the kids, and 100 free hotdogs and Coke products given out courtesy of S&W Auto Parts NAPA Stores.

The coronavirus pandemic has suspended the start of the season up to this point.  Dolan shared with Central Nebraska’s Sports Source the challenges they have had to overcome to bring racing back to the track this summer.

Dolan says that excitement from drivers and fans is high for the return of racing to Dawson County Raceway even though racing has already returned to some other tracks.

Races are planned for every weekend in August and as they like to say at the Dawson County Raceway they “will sell you the whole seat but you will only need the edge!”

Listen to our full conversation with track promoter Chad Dolan