Outdoor notes: Youth bow fishing; No drinking water at Memphis SRA

LINCOLN, Neb. – Two bow fishing mentoring programs are available in eastern Nebraska this summer for youth age 10 to 15.

These free programs, hosted by Bowfishers of Nebraska, allow youth to explore the challenge and excitement of harvesting fish with archery gear. They will learn about equipment, safety, regulations, and care for harvested fish, and will shoot from both the shore and a boat. No experience is needed, and equipment is provided.

Space is limited, and registration is required to save a spot.

The first program will be held at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge on May 29, 31 and June 5 and 9. Register at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/121081. The second program will take place at Ponca State Park on July 5, 12, 19 and 21. Register at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/121078.

Drinking water temporarily unavailable at Memphis SRA

LINCOLN, Neb. – Drinking water is temporarily unavailable for guests at Memphis State Recreation Area in Saunders County.

Wells currently are not operational at the area because of groundwater conditions. Hydrants will be shut down until potable water is available.

Guests are asked to bring their own water, or check availability of bottled water at the private concession located at the park, until the situation has been resolved.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is working with the Village of Memphis to develop alternative solutions.