Omaha Public Schools Suspends the Start of Athletics

The Omaha World Herald reports that Omaha Public Schools have made the decision to suspend all athletics to start the 2020 school year while the district does remote learning for at least the first quarter of the school year. The high schools directly impacted by this suspension are Central, South, North, Northwest, Bryan, Burke and Benson. It was reported that OPS superintendent Cheryl Logan told the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance that “We can have either school or (sports), but we can’t have both”.  According to the OWH, OPS Superintendent Cheryl Logan wrote in an email to families, “We understand the important role extra-curricular activities play in a student’s school experience.  This suspension is for the health and safety of everyone.”  It is unknown at this point what impact this decision will have on high school sports across the state especially in Class A where the Omaha schools compete.  The NSAA board of directors reaffirmed Monday their plans to stick with their current schedule for the start of high school fall sports saying flexibility likely will be needed if there are localized outbreaks of COVID-19.  Fall sports organized practices are to begin this coming Monday (8/10).