NSAA Releases Fall Sports Guidelines for Upcoming Season

The Nebraska School Activities Association today (8/4) released guidelines for the upcoming fall sports season.  The guidelines emphasize that “Each school has the authority to determine if it will participate in the 2020 Fall Season. During the season it will be the responsibility of the host school to provide administrative oversight in compliance with established COVID-19 guidelines in accordance with their local health departments and facilities. Prior to any contest, the host school administration will be required to notify the visiting school administration of their established protocols. The visiting team and spectators will be expected to adhere to all protocols established by the host school.”

The statement goes on to say, “If a school has a player test positive for COVID-19, they will contact their County Health Department regarding a course of action.

It is recommended that players, coaches, and spectators have their temperatures checked at home or at the school prior to participating in or attending practices and games. Any individual with a temperature of 100.4 or above should not participate in or attend practices or games.

During practice, coaches should make accommodations for physical distancing whenever possible. Provide adequate spacing when participating in stretching, instructional time and drills. Conduct workouts in small groups whenever possible.

During competition, the sideline/bench/team areas should be restricted to essential personnel only. This includes players, coaches, team trainers, team managers, game officials, statisticians, and media.

Coaches, officials, and players should be cognizant of physical distancing guidelines when interacting during the game.

Pregame and postgame interactions between opposing coaches and players should adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

Schools are encouraged to play their regularly scheduled competitions unless a COVID-19 issue prevents them from playing. Member schools shall be solely responsible for determining whether a scheduled game, match, contest, or other activity is cancelled or postponed due to a COVID-19 related issue in consultation with their local health
departments. Member schools shall notify the NSAA of any cancellation or postponement.

Click on the link below to view the total list of guidelines released by the NSAA