NSAA Preparing for Schools to Reopen Weight Rooms

LINCOLN — The Nebraska School Activities Association has released a Q&A on how schools can safely reopen weight rooms and gyms for strength and conditioning work only starting June 1.

“The NSAA is starting with the weight room and conditioning to start acclimating students back into our sports and activities, at this time, all other school sponsored sports and activities are prohibited,’’ NSAA Executive Director Jay Bellar wrote. “Prioritizing the health and safety of all students and staff must remain the focus of each NSAA member school. We very much want to have a fall season, and we need to do everything in our power to make it happen. Your assistance is not only appreciated, it is monumental in making it happen.”

Bellar said these have been frequently asked questions:

Q. Are the use of gymnasiums allowed?

A. Yes, no more than 10 athletes at a time, and they must keep the 6 feet social distancing at all times.

Q. Can outdoor spaces be used for conditioning?

A. Yes, one group of ten or less students can utilize outdoor spaces for conditioning. Only 1 group can be outside at any given time.

Q. Can we have a group outside conditioning and in the gym at the same time?

A. Yes, limit of 10 in each group, keep social distance, and they cannot intermingle/change groups.

Q. Can we have one group of 10 lifting and another group of 10 in the gym conditioning?

A. Yes, as long as your gym and the weight room are not the same room.

Q. We have more than one weight room, can we use both of them?

A. Yes, limit of 10 students per room.

Q. Can schools open additional temporary weight rooms to accommodate multiple groups of students?

A. No, schools are prohibited from creating additional temporary weight rooms to accommodate multiple groups of students. Schools shall only use preexisting weight rooms.

Q. Does the number 10 include the coach?

A. No, 10 athletes plus one coach. Coaches are not required to stay with the same group of 10 athletes.

Q. Is there a number limitation for kids on our school campus?

A. That number would depend on a school’s number of gyms, weight rooms, and one group of 10 outside. It will be different for all schools.

Q. Can we have a spotter when we weight lift?

A. We suggest you start with light weight, more reps. We recommend spotting while maintaining social distance. If someone needs help, by all means help.

Q. How often should we sanitize our rooms/equipment?

A. Before, during, and after all workout sessions.

Q. Can our dance team or cheerleaders practice?

A. No, all sport and activity practices are prohibited. All students are permitted to only participate in weight training and conditioning programs.