NSAA Plans to Proceed with Current Timetable for Fall Sports at This Time

In an article published and posted by the Omaha World Herald, NSAA executive director Jay Bellar said that the NSAA is proceeding with its current timetables for fall sports.  Football and volleyball is scheduled to start on August 27th.

“We still haven’t changed from our previous statement, but with things changing like they are we’re going to keep in contact with our schools and see what they prefer to do,’’ Bellar said.

Bellar told the World Herald that the NSAA on Monday sent a survey to schools.

“We asked real simple questions. ‘Are you planning on starting on time for football and volleyball?’ The answers are coming back overwhelmingly, ‘Yes, we are,’ except for the bigger schools,’’ he said. “Does that behoove us to take a look at doing something different (for Class A)? We don’t know that one way or the other, but we’re going to try to keep as open-minded as we can.”

Bellar said football-related decisions could depend on how many Class A schools field teams.

“Do we have to start three weeks late for football (in Class A), and then it goes to a bigger conversation?’’ he said. “Are we just talking football or are we talking everything? Because at this point in time what I’m hearing from most people is it’s football they’re discussing and not the other sports or activities.”

The article went on to state that among the options for football, if changes are necessary, are playing only district games; making the first two weeks of games optional; taking all teams to the playoffs; or dropping the playoffs and using that four-week period to help teams complete their schedules.

Don’t expect the NSAA to relax its transfer rules.

“We haven’t been allowing transfer rules to be violated at this point in time because we know if that starts, I don’t know how you stop that,’’ Bellar said. “I think we have to protect our schools in that realm. I understand how the (Omaha) metro is. It has so much population that if (schools) don’t have something or, say, they start late, some kids might want to move somewhere else, but at this point in time, unless things have changed a lot, I don’t think we’re going to allow that.”