Nebraskaland Days reschedules Buffalo Bill Rodeo

NEBRASKAland DAYS has successfully rescheduled the 2020 Buffalo Bill Rodeo for
August 5-8, 2020. The performances will include all of the key players, including the Beutler and Sons Rodeo Company, Hall of Fame announcer Randy Corley, and Audio and Video contractors.

NEBRASKAland DAYS on Parade has been scheduled for August 8th.

“A lot of people have worked really hard to try and get us another crack at this later in
the summer,” said Executive Director David Fudge. “The Buffalo Bill Rodeo Committee found adate where our key players could all be here so it still feels like the Buffalo Bill Rodeo.”

Organizers will now spend the next several weeks working with community groups to
place other activities around the rodeo. ‘Our goal would be to try and have some of those
traditional events along with the rodeo.”
While organizers are committed to giving the festival a second shot, the reality is it may
still not happen. “There are folks who will tell us what we can and can’t do at that point in the summer,” said Fudge. “We have no desire to endanger anyone. If we can go, we’ll go. If not, we at least tried.”

Working within that reality, tickets will not go on sale at this time. “We’ll need to wait
and see what kind of limitations we’ll be working with at that point in the summer, which will probably look different than they do now.”

NEBRASKAland DAYS in its traditional space and form generates in excess of $21 million
dollars a year in economic impact for North Platte. Several community based organizations also generate funding for their organizations during the celebration that gets redistributed
throughout the community to worthy causes.

“We think people will be ready to celebrate at some point,” said Fudge. “We’re going to
try and give them a way to do that.”