Nebraska High School Sports Resume with no Restrictions

LINCOLN – There are no longer any coronavirus-related restrictions on sports activities in Nebraska.

Wednesday marked the first day that contact sports were allowed in the state following the most recent directed health measure announced by Gov. Pete Ricketts in mid June.

This means high schools can now hold workouts, camps, and clinics for football, basketball, wrestling and soccer.

“What we did, on our level, is just open up our regular summer bylaws will go into effect as of today,” NSAA Executive Director Jay Bellar explained. “Whatever schools could do last year they can do this year. I think you’re going to see some things happen here shortly. I think too at the same time we’re still cautioning people to use that social distancing when you can.”

Contact sports were the last to be allowed in Nebraska as Ricketts has gradually eased restrictions which started with youth baseball and softball in June.

Bellar says that while he’s unsure on what the right answer is, he said the state needs to start somewhere.

“It’s one of those things where if we think we’re going to be able to do something then we’re going to have to try it sooner or later to see how this goes. I’m not sure it’s the right way to go about it at this point in time. But I think as long as the health department people are saying it’s ok, and the CDC, and of course the Governor’s Officer, we’re going to try to have sports the best we can.”

During July NSAA schools are allowed to hold camps, open gyms and conditioning programs. Teams can also participate in summer leagues.
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