Lincoln County Raceway Results (5/5)

Lincoln County Raceway Results (5/5)
Colton Osborn of Cozad won the IMCA modified feature

Story by Kelly Ninas

The racing action was fast paced as the competitors stirred up their own storm on a tacky Lincoln County Raceway on Saturday evening in North Platte, Nebraska. Able to ride out the storm the fastest and earn a ticket to the winners circle were IMCA pilots: Colton Osborn, Zach Schultz, Mikey Dancer, Jacob Hagan and Daryl Cauffman.

Taking off like a rocket from the onset, Colton Osborn of Cozad was a man on a mission as he led every lap of the IMCA Modified Feature to record the victory. Osborn was able to work through lap traffic with no issues at all as he let his powerplant flex its muscle. Coming to the podium from his fourth row starting position, Cole Hodges of Ogallala earned runner-up accolades. Hodges displayed great patience in working through traffic. After a less than desireable start to the night, Brady’s Dave Pedersen was able to fix the mechanical issue after the heat races. Pedersen was able to recover quite well as he started from the rear of the field and drove his way all the way to third place overall. Earning heat race wins earlier in the evening were Colton Osborn and David Murray Jr. of Oberlin, Kansas.

Taking advantage of an outside second row starting position, heat race winner Zach Schultz of North Platte was able to ride the cushion into the lead on the fourth lap and never look back in winning the IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature. Doing an excellent job of avoiding any troubles and staying up on the wheel, Brady Weinman of Arnold earned rave reviews with a runner-up finish after finishing this past season as the season points champion in the hobby stock division. Showing great consistency throughout the feature event, Adam Kackmeister of North Platte was rewarded for his efforts with a third place finish.

There were four different leaders in the IMCA Stock Car Feature. Coming from the sixth row, Mikey Dancer of North Platte was able to garner the lead at the halfway point and drive away with the victory. After a slow start to the evening, Dancer finished the night with a fury and trip to the winners circle for the second straight week. Using his outside of the front row starting position, Travis Demilt of Ogallala was the early leader for the initial four laps. Demilt was able to keep his elbows up and stay in contention and his efforts were lauded with a runner-up finish. Heat race winner Dan Eller of North Platte was heavy on the loud pedal as he started on the pole and was able to lead laps five and six. Eller stayed in contention throughout the feature event while working through traffic and avoiding incidents to finish with third place accolades. Eller was joined by Kyle Clough of Wallace in earning heat race wins.

Taking one more step up the ladder, heat race winner Jacob Hagan of Kearney was able to lead the final eight laps of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature to record the victory after a second place finish on opening weekend. Hagan started on the inside of the second row and was in contention early to slingshot into the lead on lap eight and then hold off any and all challenges until the checkered flag was waved. On the heels of Hagan was opening weekend feature winner Jeromy Wagner of Kensington, Kansas. Wagner fell back in the early going to then drive back within reach of the leader, only to be forced to settle with runner-up honors. Finishing with a fury in the feature, North Platte hotshoe Tanner Jones was rewarded for his consistency with a third place finish.

Grabbing the lead in the early going and attempting to run away and hide, North Platte’s Daryl Cauffman was able to punch his ticket to the winners circle with a win in the IMCA Sport Compact feature event. Cauffman started on the inside of row two and followed early leader Quincy Eggleston of Valentine on the first lap before taking the lead on the second lap and then holding off all challengers. Assisted greatly with a couple caution flags, Andrew Baumgardner of North Platte was able to dent the deficit between himself and Cauffman during the waning laps. Baumgardner mounted a couple of runs to his credit on the leader, only to be forced to settle for runner-up accolades. Having a stellar night behind the wheel of his hotrod, Quincy Eggleston of Valentine led the first lap and was able to stay up on the wheel after relinquishing the lead to stay in contention of a podium finish that resulted in third place honors being earned.

(Unofficial Results)
–IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 34jw-Cole Hodges; 3. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 4. XII-Jay Steffens; 5. 0hp-Bryan Herrick; 6. 93h-Klancey Honeycutt; 7. 4c-Charley Brown; 8. 95-Mike Kress; 9. 20b-Brandon Clough; 10. 6c-Cale Osborn.
Heat Race Winners: 50c-Osborn, 97m-David Murray Jr.
–IMCA Northern Sport Modified Feature: 1. 55z-Zach Schultz; 2. 65j-Brady Weinman; 3. 69-Adam Kackmeister; 4. 4-Colton Aspenleiter; 5. 55m-Tony Schultz; 6. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 7. 057-Cody Schimmer.
Heat Race Winner: 55z-Schultz.
–IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 45-Mikey Dancer; 2. 5d-Travis Demilt; 3. 75-Dan Eller; 4. 03-Ben Arvdal; 5. 24-Bob Chalupa; 6. 52dd-David Dembowski; 7. 8-Eric Kinderknecht; 8. 31-Darin Racek; 9. 47-Russ Small Jr.; 10. 72h-Jim Hagan.
Heat Race Winners: 75-Eller, 11k-Kyle Clough.
–IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 2. 29-Jeromy Wagner; 3. 12t-Tanner Jones; 4. 20b-Brady Henderson; 5. 96k-Sean Miller; 6. 28d-Devin Bjorklund; 7. 88m-TC McKain.
Heat Race Winner: 72b-Jacob Hagan.
–IMCA Sport Compact Feature: 1. 00d-Daryl Cauffman; 2. 44u-Andrew Baumgardner; 3. 7e-Quincy Eggleston; 4. 24u-Tom Baumgardner; 5. 84d-Kaden Dady; 6. 71c-Christian Destefano; 7. 26-Marcus Florom; 8. L2-Lonnie Lenser Jr; 9. 15-Gary Molt; 10. 03r-Jacob Riewe.
Heat Race Winners: 7e-Eggleston, 00d-Cauffman.