D1-8 All District Football Team

Several athletes from the KCNI/KBBN coverage area make the D1-8 all district football first team.  First team offensive selections included : Jaden Jones (QB) Arcadia/Loup City ; Jase Williams (RB) Burwell ; Jace Connell (RB) South Loup ; Kolby Larson (E/WR) Ansley/Litchfield ; Mason Plock (E/WR) Burwell ; Jayden Kalinowski (OL)

First team defensive selections included : Gus Ducker (DL) Arcadia/Loup City ; Jakob Jerabek (DL) Arcadia/Loup City ; Caden Kusek (LB) Arcadia/Loup City ; Grant Jones (LB) South Loup ; Corey Dawe (LB) Burwell ; Jadyn Scott (DB) Arcadia/Loup City ; Hunter Arehart (DB) Ansley/Litchfield ; Caleb Busch (DB) Burwell

First Team Offense

Quarterback                          Jaden Jones                            Sr.                           Arcadia/Loup City

Running back                        Jase Williams                         Sr                            Burwell

Running back                        Xavier Perez                          Jr.                            Elm Creek

Running back                       Jace Connell                          Sr.                           South Loup

Running back                        Cole Stokebrand                    Sr.                           Amherst

End/WR                                 Blake Egenberger                 Sr.                           Elm Creek

End/WR                                 Kolby Larson                         Soph.                      Ansley/Litchfield

End/WR                                 Mason Plock                           Jr.                            Burwell

Offensive Line                       Chase Swartwood                                 Sr.                           Elm Creek

Offensive Line                       Jayden Kalinowski                                Sr.                           Arcadia/Loup City

First Team Defense

Defensive Line                       Jarin Potts                              Sr.                           Amherst

Defensive Line                       Gus Ducker                            Sr.                           Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Line                       Jakob Jerabek                        Sr.                           Arcadia/Loup City

Linebacker                             Caden Kusek                         Sr.                           Arcadia/Loup City

Linebacker                           Grant Jones                           Sr                            South Loup

Linebacker                             Troy Brumels                         Jr.                            Elm Creek

Linebacker                             Corey Dawe                           Sr.                           Burwell

Defensive Back                      Karsten McCarter                                 Sr.                           Elm Creek

Defensive Back                      Jadyn Scott                             Jr.                            Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Back                      Hunter Areharht                   Jr.                            Ansley/Litchfield

Defensive Back                      Caleb Busch                           Soph.                      Burwell

Second Team Offense

Quarterback                         Trevor Ross                         Sr.                           South Loup

Quarterback                          Barak Birch                            Jr.                            Burwell

Running back                        Dominic Espersen                 Sr.                           Amherst

End/WR                                 Drew Lewandowski              Jr.                            Arcadia/Loup City

End/WR                                 Trey Miner                             Jr.                            Elm Creek

End/WR                                 Tycen Bailey                          Jr.                            Ansley/Litchfield

Offensive Line                       Hans Robbins                        Jr.                            Elm Creek

Offensive Line                       Dustin Bramer                       Sr.                           Amherst

Offensive Line                       Carter Mann                          Soph.                      Burwell

Second Team Defense

Defensive Line                       Logan Gregory                       Jr.                            Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Line                       Koby Smith                            Jr.                            Elm Creek

Linebacker                           Dalton Kunkee                     Jr.                            South Loup

Linebacker                             Blake Racicky                         Sr.                           Ansley/Litchfield

Linebacker                             Morgan Shields                     Sr.                           Amherst

Linebacker                             Clayton Dethlefs                    Jr..                           Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Back                      Cash Gurney                          Soph.                      Burwell

Defensive Back                      Lane Gutzwiller                     Sr.                           Elm Creek

Defensive Back                      Prestyn Rogers                      Soph.                      Arcadia/Loup City

Honorable Mention

Quarterback                                           Kalon Rohde                                          Jr.                                           Amherst

Offensive Line                                        Jaxon Taubenheim                              Jr.                                           Amherst

End                                                               Riley Gallaway                                      Jr.                                           Amherst

End                                                               Coleton Vavra                                       Jr.                                           Amherst

Defensive Line                                       Jackson Henry                                      Jr.                                           Ansley/Litchfield

Offensive Line                                        Keaton Moore                                       Sr.                                          Ansley/Litchfield

Defensive Line                                       Karter Moore                                        Fr.                                          Ansley/Litchfield

Defensive Line                                       Quade Peterson                                    Fr.                                          Ansley/Litchfield

Offensive LIne                                       Gilbert Rodriguez                               Sr.                                          Arcadia/Loup City

Linebacker                                              Tryon Calleroz                                     Jr.                                           Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Back                                     Gavin Sell                                                  Jr.                                           Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Line                                       Justin Lueck                                            Soph.                                    Arcadia/Loup City

Defensive Line                                       Hunter Mayfield                                  Jr.                                           Burwell

Offensive Line                                        Colby Dale                                                Sr.                                          Burwell

Tight End                                                  Alex Gideon                                             Soph.                                    Burwell

Defensive Line                                       Tyler Dawe                                             Soph.                                    Burwell

Tight End                                                  Gage Clabaugh                                       Sr..                                         Elm Creek

Offensive Line                                        Dylan Carr                                               Fr.                                          Elm Creek

Defensive Line                                   Jacob Heusman                                 Soph.                                  South Loup

Defensive Back                                 Sam Cool                                                  Jr.                                          South Loup