Cornhusker State Games results

Cornhusker State Games results
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Gold medalists



Left-handed novice

Under 176 pounds: Michael Miller, Saint Joseph, Mo. 177-220: Tyson Brown, Wood River. 221 and over: Kenny Weaver, Indianola.

Left-handed open

Under 178 pounds: Johnathan Jennings, Independence, Mo. 177-220: Bo Oleson, Eudora, Kan. 221 and over: John Houston, Saint Cloud, Minn.

Right-handed novice

155-176 pounds: Michael Miller, Saint Joseph, Mo. 177-198: Michael Miller, Saint Joseph, Mo. 199 and over: Michael Miller, Saint Joseph, Mo.

Right-handed open

Under 176 pounds: Michael Miller, Saint Joseph, Mo. 177-220: Bo Oleson, Eudora, Kan. 221 and over: Bo Oleson, Eudora, Kan.


Under age 6: Truman Brown, Council bluffs. 7-9: Tucker Everett, Burchard. 13-15: Caleb Holmbeck, Lincoln.



Novice: Amber Hall, Council Bluffs. Open: Valerie Hall, Council Bluffs.


Novice: Amber Hall, Council Bluffs. Open: Valerie Hall, Council Bluffs.




Under 169 pounds: Eric Peterson, Lincoln. 170 and over: Al Lyons, Beatrice. Hastings. Under age 12: Michael Bargholz, Omaha. Under 18: Carter Hollis, Kearney.



Under 149 pounds: Cheryl Slama, Clatonia. Over 150: Jenny Wuestewald, West Point. Under age 12: Keira Magsam, Gretna. Under 15: Alexis Wuestewald, West Point.



Adult: James Horak, Lincoln; Samuel Bellanti, Gretna. Adult/youth: Brian Heller; Riley Heller, West Point. Senior: Cherlene Peirce; Kathy Gastmann. Youth: Hailey Heller; Riley Heller, West Point.


Mountain Bike


Cat 1 expert

Ages 19-29: Doug Todd, Omaha. 30-39: Brian Johnson, Omaha. 40-49: Travis Anderson, Papillion. 50 and over: Mark Sullivan, Bellevue.

Cat 2 intermediate

Ages 19-29: James Krist, Omaha. 30-39: Jeff Roller, Lincoln. 40-49: Shane Buscher, Omaha. 50 and over: Craig Schmidt, Lincoln.

Cat 3 beginner

Ages 19-29: Lance Buscher, Omaha. 30-39: Philip Stake, Lincoln 40-49: Jeremy Rasmussen, Lincoln. 50 and over: Jeff Patterson, Omaha.


Under 10 years: Asher Brester, Walton. 10-12: Lance Buscher, Omaha. 16-18: Jake Wild, Seward.


Age 39 and under: Tyler Loewens, Gretna. 40 and over: Aaron Tredway, Lincoln.


Cat 2 intermediate

Ages 19 and over: Elise Choquette, Omaha.

Cat 3 beginner

Ages 19 and over: Wendy Goldberg, Omaha.


Ages 13-15: Naomi Choquette, Omaha.


All ages: Roxzanne Feagan, Omaha.



Age 10: Aidan Murphy, Lincoln. 12: Gideon Sorilla, Lincoln. 14: Matthew Millian, Lincoln.


E & under: Brennon Overbeek, Lincoln. Open: William Bailey, Omaha. 10: Elinor Loveday, Cairo. 12: Cooper Morgan, Lincoln. 14: Matthew Millian, Lincoln. Veteran (40-plus): Kristian Anderson, Lincoln. Veteran (55-plus): Damon Scaggs, Lincoln. Women: Amanda Bush, Greenwood.


E and under: Andrea Wiggins, Lincoln. Age 10: Aidan Murphy, Lincoln. 12: Gideon Sorilla, Lincoln. 14: Nathan Huynh, Lincoln. Wheelchair: Warren Digman, Yutan.


Men: Aaron Polak, Lincoln. Women: Alicia Jennings, Lincoln.


Singles 30 feet

0-15 percent handicap: Richard Komenda, Valparaiso. 16-29 handicap: Bernie Moran, Columbus. Novice: Everett Reynolds, Crete.

Singles 40 feet

0-10 percent handicap: Ronald Coulter, Valparaiso. 16-20: Neal Craig, Lincoln. 26-34: Dale Verhoeff, Lincoln. 30-45 optional handicap: Krystal Gabel, Lincoln.




4 years: Grayson Burki, Papillion. 8: Gage Burki, Papillion. 10: Amir Rasulov, Omaha. 12: Ethan Powell, Palmyra.


7-8 years: Claire Powell, Palmyra. 9: Sabina Rasulova, Omaha. 13: Delainey Ellis, Lincoln.


Advanced medium weight: Rodney Whitehall, Lincoln. All rank light: Skyler Tang, Lincoln. Masters heavyweight: John Yoakum, Lincoln. Masters medium weight: Rodney Whitehall, Lincoln. Novice heavyweight: Nicholas Schnell, Blair. Novice medium weight: Artem Dudin, Lincoln.


All ranks: Victoria Loisel, Bellevue.


.22 Rifle Silhouette

Class A: Randall Rippe, Johnson. AA: Kyle Rippe, Johnson. B: Lucas Barnes, Lincoln. Junior: Megan Vrbka, Staplehurst.



Ages 11-13

69-71 pounds: Braedyn Rakes, Lincoln. 79-85: Logan Smith, Bellevue. 92-95: Keith Smith, Lincoln. 98-107: Caden Arps, Fremont. 114-119: Josh Colgrove, Plattsmouth. 120-129: Cameron Graham, Stromsburg. 208: Keifer Anderson, Gothenburg.

Ages 14-16

92-106 pounds: Hunter Gilmore, Arlington. 113-119 pounds: Drew Arnold, Blue Springs. 124-128: Carter Kucera, Columbus. 136-150: Jacob Sheldon, Grand Island. 156-166: James Burks, Omaha. 202-217: Dillyn Miller, Omaha.

Ages 17 and older

153-163 pounds: Jonathan Killingsworth, Lincoln. 170-172: Nathan Hunt, Lincoln. 200-221: Brock Ray, North Bend. 250-262: Nicco Salvador, Lincoln.

Ages 7-10

53-59 pounds: Zach Held, Monroe. 62-70: Scott Meier, Lincoln. 80-86: Mason Petersen, Scribner. 115-123: Cope Smith, Kearney.


Ages 4-6

38-44 pounds: Jackson Grebe, Gretna. 44-47: AJ Jordan, Omaha. 48-51: Paxton Morgan, Omaha. 62-68: Breken Rynearson, Broken Bow.

Ages 7-8

48-53: Brett Larson, Gothenburg. 56-59: Cayden Engel, Lincoln. 59-64: Chase Cole, Lincoln. 69-78: Brody Coulter, Pierce. 91: Jacob Nippert, Fairbury.

Ages 9-10

58-62 pounds: Leland Sindel, Lincoln. 65-70: Michael Furze, Papillion. 77-82: Mason Petersen, Scribner. 83-86: Tieran Cox, Syracuse. 97-123: Gavyn Rhoden, Beatrice.

Ages 11-12

106-115: Cody Cuba, Columbus. 118-122: Ripkin Gallaway, Kearney. 130-136: Tie Hollandsworth, Brainard. 69-74 pounds: Elijah Thomsen, Omaha. 79-85: Dayton Gipe, North Platte. 93-98: Kash Bates, Denton.

Ages 13-14

80-89 pounds: Drew Hollibaugh, Waverly. 92-94: Keith Smith, Lincoln. 98-106: Hunter Gilmore, Arlington. 114-122: Drew Arnold, Blue Springs. 124-135: Chase Charroin, Lincoln. 146-154: Tommy Wentz, Fremont. 158-159: Lathan Duda, Broken Bow. 167-173: Kenneth McGill, Aurora, Ind. 186-208: Keifer Anderson, Gothenburg.

Ages 15-16

113-117: Jaxon Morrow, Lincoln. 125-136: Carter Kucera, Columbus. 145-150: Levi May, Omaha. 151-159: Jacob Ray, North Bend. 161-176: James Burks, Omaha. 194-217: Dillyn Miller, Omaha.

Ages 17-19

135-146 pounds: Corbin Sindel, Lincoln. 151-154: Jonathan Killingsworth, Lincoln. 159-174: Nathan Hunt, Lincoln. 192-200: Brock Ray, North Bend.

Ages 20 and older

136-144 pounds: Carter Tegeler, Meadow Grove. 162-172: Isaac Elge, Aurora. 201-213: Spencer Trout, Wayne.

Ages 25 and older

138-158 pounds: Matthew Reinke, Omaha. 161-166: Chris Schweitzer, Central City. 171-181: Dalton Fletcher, Wahoo. 196-201: Jamaal Bufford-Holmes, Omaha. 215-238: Ty Copsey, Omaha. 245-261: Nicco Salvador, Lincoln.



Doubles Recreational: Frank Tenkorang, Kojo Tenkorang, Kearney


Doubles High School: Chris Griffin, Carter Lake, IA, Miles Krajewski, Yankton, SD.Doubles: Harrison Krajewski, Miles Krajewski, Yankton, SD. Singles High School: Alex Donnelly, Carter Lake, IA. Singles Youth: Miles Krajewski, Yankton, SD


Singles Youth: Nora Krajewski, Yankton, SD. Singles Youth: Nora Krajewski, Yankton, SD.


Doubles Recreational: Hanumantharao Neelamraju, Sunil Bolisetty, Omaha. Doubles Senior: Dave Waggoner, Kearney, Douglas McIntosh, Omaha. Doubles Open: Apirat Lattison, Omaha, Wei Ming Lim, Papillion. Doubles Open: Apirat Lattison, Omaha, Wei Ming Lim, Papillion. Singles Open: Apirat Lattison, Omaha. Singles Recreational: Sunil Bolisetty, Omaha. Singles Senior: Kaiguo Chang, Gretna


Doubles Open: Carolyn Foster, St. Paul, Nita Lechner, Grand Island. Doubles Senior: Carolyn Foster, St. Paul, Nita Lechner, Grand Island. Singles Senior: Carolyn Foster, St. Paul. Singles Open: Rebecca Wong, Lincoln


Doubles Recreational: Mike Krajewski, Yankton, SD, Nita Lechner, Grand Island. Doubles Senior: Kaiguo Chang, Gretna, Karen Harned, Papillion. Doubles Youth: Miles Krajewski, Sabrina Krajewski, Yankton, SD



Special Olympics Team Division 1: Jesse Miller (Greenwood), Carson Pratt (Lincoln), Michael Olmsted (Lincoln), Robbie Shepard (Lincoln). Four Person Team: Andrew Badami (Lincoln), Jarod Wenger (Lincoln), Monty Bornemeier (Lincoln), Seth Hampton (Lincoln)


Youth Doubles: Hailey Heller and Riley Heller, West Point. Adult Doubles: James Horak (Lincoln) and Samuel Bellanti (Gretna). Adult/Youth Doubles: Brian Heller and Riley Heller (West Point). Senior Doubles: Cherlene Peirce, Kathy Gastmann, Hastings



U12: Michael Bargholz, Omaha. U18: Carter Hollis, Kearney


U12 Singles: Keira Magsam, Gretna. U15 Singles: Alexis Wuestewald, West Point.


Adult Scratch Singles: Charles Gosch, Lincoln 169 & Under: Eric Peterson, Lincoln. 170 & Over: Al Lyons, Beatrice. Senior 149 & Under: John Ryan, Bennet. Senior 150 & Over: David Dudek, Lincoln.


Adult Scratch Singles: Chae Miller, Lincoln. 149 & Under: Cheryl Slama, Clatonia. 150 & Over: Jenny Wuestewald, West Point. 139 & Under: Deanna Thaut, Hastings. Senior 140 & Over: Diana Slade, Lincoln.


Junior Open: Noah Polacek, Wahoo. Open: Gregory Revesz, Lincoln. Open U 1600: John Davidson, Lincoln. Open U 1800: Benjamin Lyons, Blair.


Class B/C: Larry Harvey, Lincoln. Class E & Below: Nicholas Kopetzky, Omaha. Class D: Jacey Tran, Lincoln.


Class E: Carson Jackson, Omaha. Class F: Vijay Kumar, Omaha. Class H: Caleb Vancura, Lincoln. Class I: Kaiden Aaronson, Gretna. Unrated: Kaiser Himmelberg, Ashland. Class G: Sneha Selvaraj, Omaha.

Disc Golf


Advanced: Darren Holzinger, Grand Island. Intermediate: Jon McAtee, Omaha. Recreational: Kyle Carnahan, Auburn. Recreational grandmaster (age 50-plus): Witt Widhalm, Lincoln. Recreational masters Age 40-plus: Jeff Leanna, Scottsbluff.


Advanced: Kim Van Brunt, Omaha. Recreational: Samantha Bonacci, Omaha. Recreational grandmaster (age 50-plus): Tammy Chisholm, Lincoln. Recreational Masters 40-plus): Deana Smith, Bellevue.


10-12 years: Riley Parga, Lincoln. 13-15: Connor Weyers, Lincoln. Under 9: Tyler Parga, Lincoln.


Grandmaster (Age 50-plus): Darwin Brandt, Lincoln. Masters )40-plus): Ant McLeod, Lincoln. Senior grandmaster (60-plus): Melvin Joy, Lincoln.


Age 70-plus: LaVerne Mueller, Norfolk.

Fishing Shore



Ages 16-18: Ian White, Valapariso. Under 6: Henry Douglass, Seward. 7-10: Max Jasper, Lincoln.

Largest Bass

Under age 6: Olivia Miller, Lincoln. 7-10: Kayden Crosby, Aurora. 11-15: Jenna Dirkschneider, Lincoln. Ages 16-18: Chace McGee, Lincoln.

Largest Blue Gill

Under age 6: Olivia Miller, Lincoln. 11-15: Jenna Dirkschneider, Lincoln. 16-18: Ian White, Valapariso. 7-10: Kayden Crosby, Aurora.

Largest Cat

Under age 6: Olivia Miller, Lincoln. 7-10: Kailee Rowland, Lincoln. Ages 11-15: Zach Peters, Gretna. 16-18: Ian White, Valapariso.


Largest Bass: Michael Burbach, Lincoln. Largest Blue Gill: Brian Rowland, Lincoln. Largest Cat: Brian Rowland, Lincoln. Casting: Robin Hinrichs, Lincoln.

Golf Stroke Play


Under age 9: Henry Stempson, Lincoln. 11U: Thomas Bryson, Lincoln. 13U: Parker Jones, Gretna. 18U: Harrison Clanton, Lincoln.


13U: Ansley Sothan, Lincoln.


Open championship Flight: Steven Strasheim, Lincoln. Open first flight: Josiah Frobish, Lincoln. Open second flight: Jeff Sawyer, Fremont. Senior first flight: Leslie Johnson, Fremont. Senior second flight: John Roberts, Omaha. Senior third flight: Gene Shaw, Hastings.


Open: Carrie Bostar, Lincoln. Senior first flight: Patty Henry, Kearney. Senior second flight: Holly Parkhurst, Bellevue.


Girls Level 2

All Around

Ages 6-8: Julia Kudron, Waverly. 9: Apple Sullivan, Lincoln. 10-plus: Kearah Perreault, Alvo.

Balance Beam

Ages 6-8: Julia Kudron, Waverly. 9: Camree Craft, Lincoln. 10-plus: Adelyn Zwick, Wahoo.

Floor Exercise

9: Apple Sullivan, Lincoln. Ages 6-8: Julia Kudron, Waverly. 10-plus: Kearah Perreault, Alvo.

Uneven Bars

Ages 6-8: Julia Kudron, Waverly. 9: Nola Baumfalk, Lincoln. 10-plus: Kearah Perreault, Alvo.


Ages 6-8: Eva Golliglee, Lincoln. 9: Apple Sullivan, Lincoln. 10-plus: Kayla Buterbaugh, Lincoln.

Girls level 3

All Around

8-9: Jadyn Fox, Lincoln. 10-plus: Kyra Rosencran, Lincoln.

Balance Beam

10-plus: Kyra Rosencran, Lincoln. 8-9: Jadyn Fox, Lincoln.

Floor Exercise

10-plus: Kyra Rosencran, Lincoln. 8-9: Jadyn Fox, Lincoln.

Uneven Bars

10-plus: Kyra Rosencran, Lincoln. 8-9: Paetyn Sandy, Lincoln.


10-plus: Kyra Rosencran, Lincoln. 8-9: Jadyn Fox, Lincoln.

Girls Level 4

All around: Delaney Woodward, Lincoln. Balance beam: Delaney Woodward, Lincoln. Floor exercise: Delaney Woodward, Lincoln. Uneven bars: Delaney Woodward, Lincoln. Vault: Madysen Ayres, Lincoln.

Girls Level 5

All around: Lainey Weist, Colon. Balance beam: Lainey Weist, Colon. Floor exercise: Alyssa Dahlheim, Lincoln. Uneven bars: Alayna Buxton, Lincoln. Vault: Khami Itzen, Lincoln.

Girls Optionals

All around: Emma Blankenship, Warner Robins, GA. Balance beam: Danielle Blum, Wahoo. Floor exercise: Emma Blankenship, Warner Robins, GA. Uneven bars: Emma Blankenship, Warner Robins, GA. Vault: Danielle Blum, Wahoo.

Horseshoe Pitching

Doubles A: Dale Verhoeff and Fay Kapke, Lincoln. Doubles B: Brian Stilwell and Cruz Longoria, Lincoln.


Youth U14: West Des Moines Valley Tigers, West Des Moines, IA. High School: Lincoln Rampage, Lincoln.

Martial Arts TaeKwonDo


Ages 4-5

Beginner: Nolan Ngo, Lincoln.

Ages 5-6

Intermediate: Chase Montgomery, Omaha. Beginner: Travis Svitak, Grand Island.

Ages 7-8

Intermediate: Adrian Svitak, Grand Island. Beginner: James Pasieka, Lincoln.

Ages 9-10

Intermediate: Evan Tyler, Lincoln. Beginner: Jackson Kriegler, Omaha.

Ages 10-11

Black belt: Damien Peteler, Omaha. Advanced: Daniel Bargholz, Omaha.

Ages 12-13

Beginner: Ethan Strom, Omaha. Black belt: Jeremiah Lopez, Holdrege. Advanced: Zak Kunneman, Omaha.

Ages 14-16

Black belt: Casey Montgomery, Omaha. Brown belt: Bailey Pham, Papillion. Colored belt: Izaiha Adams, Omaha.


Ages 16-19 advanced: Matthew Glynn, Clarks. 18-36 black belt 1st-3rd Dan: Brandon Herring, Omaha. 30-40 colored belt: Brad Langenberg, Holdrege. 40-50 black belt: Jason Swanson, Lincoln. 50-plus black belt 2nd Dan: John Kerwin, Gretna. 50-plus black belt 5th Dan: Michael Neiman, Hastings. 60-plus colored belt: Jim DeLancey, Omaha.


Beginner: Lindsay Wilson, Omaha. Intermediate: Cynthia Gillespie, Omaha. Green belt: Lillian McGuire, Omaha. Ages 6-7 orange & yellow belt: Kendall Lauritzen, Omaha. 8-10 advanced: Reese Ellinwood, Papillion. Forms 8-10 intermediate: Antonia Seldera, Omaha. 11-12 Advanced: Serenity Payne, Omaha. 11-13 advanced/black belt: Ella Clarke, Gretna. 11-13 Beginner: Gracey Smith, Lexington. 12-13 Intermediate: Manali Mukherjee, Omaha. Under 40 black belt: Sadie Houck, Henderson. 50-plus black belt: Vicki Neiman, Hastings.

Pocket Billiards

Team Classic 1: Bob Andrews, Doug Rawls, Kurt Sabin, Scot Rosendahl, Lincoln. Team Classic 2: Don Novek, Ed Moore, Milford, Lee Smith, Wilber, Noyle Kramer, Crete.


Doubles B/C: Jonothan Knerl, Samjith Wasim, Deshler. Doubles Men Open/A: Els John, Ron Bacon, Lincoln. Doubles Mixed Open/A: Linda Moore, Ron Bacon, Lincoln. Singles Men A: Jesus Arango, Lincoln. Singles Men B: Jake Vance, Pleasant Dale. Singles Men C/D: Jonothan Knerl, Deshler. Singles Men Open: Scott Oehm, Lincoln. Singles Women Open/A: Amy Pivovar, Papillion.


Catamaran Open: Nocks 20, Lincoln. Cruiser Open: Bro Hen Wyrs, Lincoln. Laser/Dinghy Open: FireFly, Grand Island.

Skeet shooting

20 gauge

Non-NSSA Group 1: Albert Scott, North Platte. NSSA Group 1: Skeet Hier, Lincoln. Open: Jacob Uphoff, Lincoln. Senior: Mike Lane, Lincoln. Non-NSSA Group 2: Dale Taylor, Hallam. Women: Katie Dettmann, Avoca.

All-Bore 12 Gauge

All Bore junior: Cort West, Merna. Non-NSSA Group 1: Tim Dettmann, Avoca. Non-NSSA group 2: Travis Woodward, Broken Bow. NSSA group 1: Samuel Philson, Lincoln. Open: Jacob Uphoff, Lincoln. Veterans: Garry Geer, Laurel. Women: Katie Dettmann, Avoca. HOANon-NSSA: Albert Scott, North Platte. NSSA: Skeet Hier, Lincoln. Open: Jacob Uphoff, Lincoln. Veteran: Garry Geer, Laurel. Women: Katie Dettmann, Avoca.

High power rifle shooting

Match rifle expert: Richard Layendecker, Omaha. U.S.A. service rifle expert: Jared Jochum, Lincoln. U.S.A. service rifle novice: Mikel Gager, Toledo, Iowa.

Pistol — Center fire

Expert: Dr. Wm Schlichtemeier, Omaha. Junior: Jack Larkin, Omaha. Non-Nebraskans: Dwaine Hurt, Red Oak, Iowa. Novice: Vern Sorensen, Lincoln.

Olympic rapid fire

Expert: Dr. Wm Schlichtemeier, Omaha. Non-Nebraskans: Dwaine Hurt, Red Oak, Iowa. Novice: Joe Freeborn, Wahoo. Women: Caryl Bohn, Raymond


Expert: Michael Kirstein, Omaha. Junior: Jack Larkin, Omaha. Non-Nebraskans: Dwaine Hurt, Red Oak, Iowa. Novice: Joe Freeborn, Wahoo. Women: Jill Stackhouse, Omaha.

Shooting — Sporting Clays

Adult team: Cole Dettmann Otoe; Eugene Meyers, Lincoln; Tim Dettmann, Avoca. Youth team: Adam Green, Kearney; Abraham Werner, Arnold; David Stunkel, Broken Bow; Gus Dunbar, Milburn. Women: Katie Dettmann, Avoca.


Open A: Tim Dettmann, Avoca. Open B: Scott Schomaker, Palmyra. Open C: Adam Larson, Springfield. Senior: Eugene Meyers, Lincoln.



Coed C/D gold: WC’s South, Lincoln; Coed C/D silver: Master Batters, Columbus. Men D & below gold: Round the Bend Steakhouse, Hickman. Men D & below silver: Family Matters, Lincoln.

Girls Fastpitch

10U: VALPO, Raymond. 12U: Omaha Mystix, Papillion. 14U A/B: Lexington Storm, Overton. 14U C/Rec: Blue Diamonds, Lincoln. High School: Hwy 34 Misfits, Lincoln.

Table Tennis

10U: Linkin Dush, Lincoln. 13U: Daniel Stepanyuk, Lincoln. 17U: Daniel Stepanyuk, Lincoln. 40-plus: Piotr Juszkiewicz, Lincoln. 60-plus: Roger Trumper, Lincoln. Hardbat singles: Ben Krekel, Lincoln. Recreational doubles: Ben Krekel, Lincoln; Cuong Nguyen, Lincoln. Recreational singles: Haotian Kong, Lincoln.

Track and Field

Masters Female

Ages 19-29

100 meter dash: Chelsea Wickard, Kearney. 100 hurdles: Shane Valdez, Omaha. 1,500: Jessica Evans, Pierce; 3,000: Jessica Evans, Pierce. 400: Chelsea Wickard, Kearney. Discus: Emilee Shostrom, Vermillion, S.D. High jump: Jessica Evans, Pierce. Javelin: Emilee Shostrom, Vermillion, S.D.. Long jump: Shane Valdez, Omaha. Pole vault: Anna Baack, Seward. Shot put: Serenity McAndrews, Ralston. Triple jump: Jessica Evans, Pierce.

Ages 30-34

100 meter dash: Samantha Witte, Omaha. 100 hurdles: Samantha Witte, Omaha. 200: Allison Klimek, Springfield. Discus: Kim Watson, Lincoln. Javelin: Kami Manstedt, Colon. Long jump: Samantha Witte, Omaha. Pole Vault: Kami Manstedt, Colon. Shot put: Kim Watson, Lincoln.

Ages 35-39

100 meter dash: JIll Holle, Otoe. 200: Julie Singh, Lincoln. High jump: Nicole Lanum, Omaha. Long jump: Leah Stade, Minden. Shot put: Leah Purdy, North Platte. Triple jump: Leah Stade, Minden.

Aged 40-44

100 meter dash: Katie Hunsberger, Lincoln. 400: Beverly Olson, Nebraska City. Discus: Heather Rhoadarmer, Lincoln. High jump: Beverly Olson, Nebraska City. Javelin: Heather Klutts, Lincoln. Long jump: Beverly Olson, Nebraska City. Shot put: Heather Rhoadarmer, Lincoln.

Aged 45-49

100 meter dash: Kathryn Black, Hildreth. Shot put: Kathryn Black, Hildreth. Triple jump: Kathryn Black, Hildreth.

Aged 50-54

100 meter dash: Mary Meierhenry, Sioux Falls , SD. 1,500: Heather Schuette, Lincoln. 3,000: Heather Schuette, Lincoln. 800: Heather Schuette, Lincoln. Discus: Alissa Noguez, Simpsonville, SC. Javelin: Mary Meierhenry, Sioux Falls, SD. Long jump: Mary Meierhenry, Sioux Falls , SD. Shot put: Alissa Noguez, Simpsonville, SC. Triple jump: Mary Meierhenry, Sioux Falls , SD.

Aged 55-59

100 meter dash: Anna Kellogg, Omaha. 1,500: Laura Nettland, Lincoln. Long jump: Laura Nettland, Lincoln. Shot put: Laura Nettland, Lincoln.

Aged 60-64

100 meter dash: Susan Hertzler, Lincoln. 50 meter dash: Susan Hertzler, Lincoln. Discus: Kyle Hinkel, Utica. Javelin: Kay Glynn, Hastings, IA. Pole vault: Kay Glynn, Hastings, IA. Shot put: Kyle Hinkel, Utica.

Aged 65-69

Discus: Linda Rowe, Bloomfield, IA. Javelin: Linda Rowe, Bloomfield, IA. Shot put: Linda Rowe, Bloomfield, IA.

Aged 75-59

100 meter dash: Charlotte Gammell, Omaha.

Aged 85-89

Discus: Harriet Bloemker, Fremont. Javelin: Harriet Bloemker, Fremont.

Aged 90+

50 meter dash: Dorothy Ekblad, Lincoln. Discus: Dorothy Ekblad, Lincoln. Javelin: Dorothy Ekblad, Lincoln. Shot put: Dorothy Ekblad, Lincoln.


Ages 3-4

50 meter dash: Ruby Cederburg, Lincoln. Javelin: Emily Christensen, Papillion. Long jump: Ruby Cederburg, Lincoln.

Ages 5-6

50 meter dash: Caydence Rasby, Sutherland. Javelin: Aida Kollars, Firth. Long jump: Caydence Rasby, Sutherland.

Ages 7-8

100 meter dash: Kamarah Walker, Lincoln. 200m: Shaydyn Rasby, Sutherland. 400m: Shaydyn Rasby, Sutherland. 800m: Taylor Heimes, Lincoln. 1500: Taylor Heimes, Lincoln. High jump: Aspen Billeter, Loomis. Javelin: Hailey Lewis, Valley. Long jump: Kamarah Walker, Lincoln. Shot put: Rylee Bauer, Norfolk.

Ages 9-10

100 meter dash: Jamaya Koehlmoos, Norfolk. 200m: Story Rasby, Sutherland. 400m: Story Rasby, Sutherland. 800m: Aiden No Leaf, Giltner. 1500: Aiden No Leaf, Giltner. High jump: Rhionna Matthews, Omaha. Javelin: Abigail Dickinson, Lincoln. Long jump: Abigail Dickinson, Lincoln. Shot put: Addisyn Purdy, North Platte.

Ages 11-12

100 meter dash: Kelsey Hatcher, Kearney. 200m: Kennedy Gansebom, Bennington. 400m: Kennedy Gansebom, Bennington. 800m: Rachael Chambers, Omaha. 1500: Jordyn Wissing, Lincoln. 3000: Jordyn Wissing, Lincoln. Discus: Torrance Tso, Norfolk. High jump: Stella Heapy, Curtis. Long jump: Stella Heapy, Curtis. Shot put: Torrance Tso, Norfolk.

Ages 13-14

100 meter dash: Allison Harper, Lincoln. 100m hurdles: Raegan Zetterman, Hickman. 200m: Jackline Paul, Omaha. 400m: Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda, Sioux Falls, SD. 800m: Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda, Sioux Falls, SD. 1500: Berlyn Schutz, Lincoln. 3000: Berlyn Schutz, Lincoln. Discus: Sara Lindgren, Wahoo. High jump: Regan Lambe, Lincoln. Javelin: RaQuel Holt, Omaha. Long jump: Allison Harper, Lincoln. Pole vault: Samantha Schemper, Holdrege. Shot put: Lauren Prososki, Raymond. Triple jump: Jackline Paul, Omaha.

Ages 15-16

100 meter dash: Carlie Collier, Dunning. 100m hurdles: Hannah Preissler, Giltner. 200m: Carlie Collier, Dunning. 400m: Jaelyn Walker, Omaha. 800m: Angelina Schutz, Lincoln. 1500: Abigail Schmidt, Lincoln. 3000: Abigail Schmidt, Lincoln. Discus: Lauren Payne, Council Bluffs, IA. High jump: Abigail Everitt, O’Neill. Javelin: Amy Dosch, Sioux Falls, SD. Long jump: Shelby Butterfield, Topeka, KS. Pole vault: Jessica Gardner, Lincoln. Shot put: Lauren Payne, Council Bluffs, IA. Triple jump: Shelby Butterfield, Topeka, KS.

Ages 17-18

100 meter dash: Aspen Rolfes, Lincoln. 100m hurdles: Jordyn Hilyard, Holdrege. 200m: Aspen Rolfes, Lincoln. 400m: Aspen Rolfes, Lincoln. 800m: Maggie Moyer, Omaha. 1500: Madison Muma, Lincoln. 3000: Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. Discus: Addison Henry, Loup City. High jump: McKenna Schmidt, Ravenna. Long jump: Delaney Harper, Lincoln. Pole vault: Josie Puelz, Lincoln. Shot put: Addison Henry, Loup City. Triple jump: Adrianna Sims, Malcolm.