Broken Bow Finishes 2nd in Team Standings at C4 District Wrestling Meet and Qualify 8 for State

Broken Bow was the team runner-up at the C4 district wrestling championship over the weekend. Valentine was the team champion with 213 points and Bow was second with 203.5

The Indians qualified 8 wrestlers for the state tournament next weekend and had 5 district champions
Spencer Gafney was champion at 120 lbs ; Casey Faulkenberry placed first at 126 lbs ; Cole Ulmer was champion at 152 lbs. ; Lathan Duda took the title at 170 lbs. ; and Drew Drake was first at 285 lbs.
Trey Brooks was 2nd at 182 lbs. ; Keifer Anderson was the runner-up at 220 lbs. ; and Colton Duda qualified for state by finishing 4th at 195 lbs

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – CASEY BENAVIDES of Bridgeport
2nd Place – Jarrett Battershaw of Valentine
3rd Place – Trevin Edwards of Loomis/Bertrand
4th Place – Chet Fisher of Southern Valley
1st Place Match
CASEY BENAVIDES (Bridgeport) 37-1, Jr. over Jarrett Battershaw (Valentine) 30-6, Sr. (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place Match
Trevin Edwards (Loomis/Bertrand) 38-10, So. over Chet Fisher (Southern Valley) 28-17, So. (MD 10-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Chris Williams of Valentine
2nd Place – Jacob Hilmer of Loomis/Bertrand
3rd Place – Jordan Cluff of Kimball
4th Place – Matt Bruns of Hershey
1st Place Match
Chris Williams (Valentine) 34-1, So. over Jacob Hilmer (Loomis/Bertrand) 33-13, Jr. (Fall 1:32)
3rd Place Match
Jordan Cluff (Kimball) 25-9, Sr. over Matt Bruns (Hershey) 34-16, Fr. (Fall 3:39)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Spencer Gaffney of Broken Bow
2nd Place – Tobin Olson of Valentine
3rd Place – Kaden Boyce of Ord
4th Place – Gage Musser of Hershey
1st Place Match
Spencer Gaffney (Broken Bow) 41-6, Sr. over Tobin Olson (Valentine) 21-16, Fr. (MD 12-0)
3rd Place Match
Kaden Boyce (Ord) 38-11, Sr. over Gage Musser (Hershey) 42-13, Jr. (Dec 7-4)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Casey Faulkenberry of Broken Bow
2nd Place – Justin Davis of Hemingford
3rd Place – JOHN TENBENSEL of Cambridge
4th Place – John Kenney of Loomis/Bertrand
1st Place Match
Casey Faulkenberry (Broken Bow) 46-4, So. over Justin Davis (Hemingford) 11-2, Sr. (Fall 1:18)
3rd Place Match
JOHN TENBENSEL (Cambridge) 24-8, Jr. over John Kenney (Loomis/Bertrand) 30-20, So. (Fall 1:55)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Gage Krolikowski of Valentine
2nd Place – Christopher Feldner of Kearney Catholic
3rd Place – Carter Buchheit of Hemingford
4th Place – Max Palomo of Mitchell
1st Place Match
Gage Krolikowski (Valentine) 37-0, Jr. over Christopher Feldner (Kearney Catholic) 40-5, So. (Fall 2:59)
3rd Place Match
Carter Buchheit (Hemingford) 18-6, Jr. over Max Palomo (Mitchell) 28-16, Jr. (Dec 5-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Morgan McGinley of Valentine
2nd Place – Trevor Widener of Bridgeport
3rd Place – Kadin Perez of Mitchell
4th Place – Layne Shiers of Kearney Catholic
1st Place Match
Morgan McGinley (Valentine) 25-6, Jr. over Trevor Widener (Bridgeport) 37-5, So. (MD 15-4)
3rd Place Match
Kadin Perez (Mitchell) 34-8, So. over Layne Shiers (Kearney Catholic) 30-11, Jr. (Fall 1:41)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Chase Olson of Valentine
2nd Place – Garret Kluthe of Ord
3rd Place – Zach Rogers of Kearney Catholic
4th Place – Shawn Anderson of Southern Valley
1st Place Match
Chase Olson (Valentine) 31-3, Jr. over Garret Kluthe (Ord) 35-9, So. (SV-1 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Zach Rogers (Kearney Catholic) 38-5, Sr. over Shawn Anderson (Southern Valley) 32-13, Sr. (Dec 5-1)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cole Ulmer of Broken Bow
2nd Place – Gunnar Battershaw of Valentine
3rd Place – Hayden Hoos of Gordon-Rushville
4th Place – Josh Warren of Bridgeport
1st Place Match
Cole Ulmer (Broken Bow) 41-4, Sr. over Gunnar Battershaw (Valentine) 24-14, Fr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Hayden Hoos (Gordon-Rushville) 38-9, Sr. over Josh Warren (Bridgeport) 25-16, So. (Dec 8-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Caleb Long of Valentine
2nd Place – Conner Halverson of Gordon-Rushville
3rd Place – Kelen Meyer of Ord
4th Place – Colten Ballentine of Hershey
1st Place Match
Caleb Long (Valentine) 33-0, Sr. over Conner Halverson (Gordon-Rushville) 33-9, Jr. (Fall 1:05)
3rd Place Match
Kelen Meyer (Ord) 24-11, So. over Colten Ballentine (Hershey) 30-12, Sr. (Fall 4:27)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Lathan Duda of Broken Bow
2nd Place – Lane McGinley of Valentine
3rd Place – Trevor Peterson of Chase County
4th Place – Aiden Smith of Minden
1st Place Match
Lathan Duda (Broken Bow) 46-2, So. over Lane McGinley (Valentine) 29-6, Sr. (Dec 10-5)
3rd Place Match
Trevor Peterson (Chase County) 41-4, Jr. over Aiden Smith (Minden) 42-8, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jesse Ulrich of Ord
2nd Place – Treyvon Brooks of Broken Bow
3rd Place – Drew Sprinkle of Cambridge
4th Place – James Hargett of Southern Valley
1st Place Match
Jesse Ulrich (Ord) 32-5, Sr. over Treyvon Brooks (Broken Bow) 37-5, Sr. (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Drew Sprinkle (Cambridge) 34-10, Sr. over James Hargett (Southern Valley) 27-11, Jr. (Dec 12-6)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Beau Wood of Perkins County
2nd Place – Matthew Feldner of Kearney Catholic
3rd Place – Evan Fisher of Chase County
4th Place – Colton Duda of Broken Bow
1st Place Match
Beau Wood (Perkins County) 17-0, Sr. over Matthew Feldner (Kearney Catholic) 38-4, Sr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Evan Fisher (Chase County) 42-6, Sr. over Colton Duda (Broken Bow) 42-10, Sr. (Fall 1:16)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cade Payne of Hemingford
2nd Place – Keifer Anderson of Broken Bow
3rd Place – Nicholas Coley of Mitchell
4th Place – Toby McManigal of Kimball
1st Place Match
Cade Payne (Hemingford) 39-1, Sr. over Keifer Anderson (Broken Bow) 40-12, Fr. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Place Match
Nicholas Coley (Mitchell) 30-14, Jr. over Toby McManigal (Kimball) 16-13, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Drew Drake of Broken Bow
2nd Place – Emillio Perez of Perkins County
3rd Place – CJ Hoevet of Ord
4th Place – Keegan Weiss of Mitchell
1st Place Match
Drew Drake (Broken Bow) 43-5, Sr. over Emillio Perez (Perkins County) 22-3, Sr. (Fall 1:59)
3rd Place Match
CJ Hoevet (Ord) 31-6, Jr. over Keegan Weiss (Mitchell) 23-10, So. (Fall 1:36)