Broken Bow Boys Golf Team Ready to Start Season

The Broken Bow boys golf team is preparing for the start of the 2021 golf season. As we know, last year’s boys golf season was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. While the season did not take place, golf was one of the few activities that people were still able to participate in with the COVID restrictions that were in place during last spring and summer. Broken Bow boys golf coach Ed Schaaf told KCNI/KBBN sports that many on the team were able to get out and play last spring and summer which helps with swing mechanics coming into the season but the key now is getting into the proper mindset to play competitive golf again.


As the team goes through the season, they know that mother nature will not always produce a beautiful sunny, calm, 75 degree day every time a meet is scheduled.  Coach Schaaf said that they are blessed to have a golf simulator to use when the weather does not allow them to practice outside but they still try to get out in some less than favorable conditions to be prepared for meets that have to be played in adverse weather conditions.


Broken Bow has a boys golf team of 15 this year and is scheduled to begin its season with a dual against Gothenburg at Wildhorse Golf Course on March 25th followed by a trip to North Platte on March 26th for their first invite of the year.

Listen to our full interview with Broken Bow boys golf coach Ed Schaaf