Area Schools Performing Strong in this Year’s NSAA Cup Standings

The NSAA Cup recognizes high schools having the most successful interscholastic activities
programs in the state for that year. The divisions of competition include a Girls Division, a Boys
Division and an All-School Division. Schools in each division are divided into four classes, (A,
B, C, and D) determined each activities year, based on enrollment.

Three simultaneous contests take place during the year. The Girls Division and Boys
Division competitions, in each class, will feature schools earning points from their respective
athletic activities and in the case of coed schools, sharing the fine arts activities’ points equally.
The All-School Division contest will include all activities in which each high school participates.

The NSAA Cup awards program began in the fall of 2006. The winners of The NSAA Cup are determined by a point system based on performance in state championship events within each division and class. Music, which does not have a state championship, will earn points based on district music contest participation.

Several area schools have performed strong to this point in this year’s cup standings. At the time of this article the standings include participation and championship results points through the state swimming championships and do not include results from the girls or boys state basketball championships.

In the Class C girls division, Cozad sits second 2.5 points behind Lincoln Lutheran and Cozad is 9th in the Class C all school division.

Broken Bow is tied for 8th in the Class C boys division with 70 points. Burwell is 4th with 110 points and Norfolk Catholic is currently first with 145.

In Class D, Mullen is currently first in the boys division with 105 points and also sits first in the all school division with 155 points. Loup City is 4th in the Class D boys division and sit 8th in the all school division.